Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Viper's Nest 2016 End of Season Wrap-Up

Met up with the Lads at Medieval Times to have a bit of post-season fun, down a few pitchers of mead and discuss what happened this season. For some of that, you can check out the video below but there was something like a half an hour where the camera wasn't rolling (and it should have been).

After being let down for the 21st time it really shouldn't get me as much as it does. But it does. This was a pretty good Red Bull NY team this year but, in my honest opinion, I felt there wasn't enough quality there to get to the promised land (MLS Cup). A great regular season doesn't mean much if you can't get it done in the post-season and it wasn't to be for us (yet again).

Hopefully next year there will be a few upgrades in personnel, Sacha Kljestan will be moved to his natural Defensive Mid position and we can get the Argie #10 I've been calling for. That last one is key. We need a guy who is explosive and isn't easily taken out in games (something that is crucial in the Post-Season) as Mr. Klejstan was. I envision Mr. Klejstan as a Shalrie Joseph-type, very creative DM, who can offer more in the attack than what we currently have back there. Yes, yes - 20 assists in the regular season, blah, blah, blah... But that doesn't mean crap if you can't get it done in the post-season, does it?

Another thing I'm hoping for is that Mr. Marsch sees fit to switch the team to the 4-4-2 that other Red Bulls teams play. RB Leipzig is tearing up the Bundesliga at the moment with such a team and RB Salzburgh has won the title in Austria playing like that as well. BWP alone up top doesn't quite work out in the post-season and I'm hoping a two up top formation will see Gonzalo Veron (who is, supposedly, staying) partnering with BWP up top. And if not Gonzalo, then another quality forward.

Or not. They can give us the same thing again next season and we'll wind up where we are now. With no MLS Cup. With other teams about to join the League and other teams spending big, a team like ours (who isn't going to spend big anymore) has to be smart in the player department. I hope they see what an Ignacio Piatti-type player brings to the table. Several teams with such a player have been successful (Portland just last year with Valeri, for instance). It's nothing I haven't said before but there are many (like in the media) who think otherwise.

I'd like to thank the Lads pictured above (Kevin, Matt K, Matt C and Tom) for the friendship and for putting up with my ranting and raving all the time (even though I'm right and they're wrong ;) ). A shout-out as well to all my "Red Together" brothers and sisters. You know who you are.

Until next time.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

RBNY vs DCU : We Marsch On!

We're through to the Eastern Conference Finals!!! A BWP goal at the death saw the New York Red Bulls knock DC United out of the playoffs for the second consecutive season with a 2-Nil two-leg aggregate.

It wasn't pretty. In fact, there were lots of errant passes and cheap giveaways. Yes, the Red Bulls had most of the possession but I kept waiting (pessimist that I am) for that one DC counter that would level the aggregate. It never came (thank the Soccer Gods) and we "Marsch On" to face the Columbus Crew for a place at MLS Cup.

A massive defensive effort, a massive moment of brilliance from Gonzalo Veron and a massive goal from Bradley Wright-Phillips (with a massive goal-call from Ernesto Motta). All we need now is a massive two-leg series vs Columbus and we host MLS Cup @The Cathedral of Football. Do I dare dream? Yes! There's no reason.... Ha, ha!

Please click on the video up top for the usual drunken comments/predictions. Please click here for the Matt Kremkau's photo album.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Red Bulls Win Second Supporters Shield, Stat Nerds Scoff

After a roller coaster regular season that began in turmoil with the departures of Andy Roxburgh, Tim Cahill and Thierry Henry, the dismissal of manager/club legend Mike Petke, and the installation of the Ali Curtis/Jesse Marsch team, the New York Red Bulls pulled off the most improbable of feats in Chicago on Sunday, winning their second Supporters' Shield in three seasons.

The achievement was sweet vindication for Curtis and Marsch, who arrived in Harrison under fire, even as they promised nothing less than a complete overhaul of club operations, playing style, training and just about everything else under the sun (all part of Curtis' now infamous 300 page plan). That they have been so successful in instilling their methods in just a few short months is quite astonishing. That they have been able to do it with "cast offs" such as Mike Grella and Damien Perrinelle playing key roles is even more remarkable.

But lest Red Bulls fans celebrate with too much fervor, they should remind themselves of what happened in 2013, when the team marched into the postseason on the high of a Supporters' Shield winning performance against - yep - the Chicago Fire and promptly laid an egg in the first round. Securing home field advantage throughout the playoffs and having the chance to host the final in your own house is great and all, but it means nothing if you can't get past even the first hurdle. In this case, the first hurdle will be one of three potential opponents - DC United, New England Revolution or Toronto FC.

Happily, In all of their recent interviews, Marsch and his players have continued to talk about the ultimate goal of winning an MLS Cup, so they all appear to have their heads screwed on straight as they look to climb the final mountain. Of course it's impossible to know how the ball will bounce in what is essentially a post-season mini cup tournament, but the team seems remarkably focused on the task at hand, which should help them avoid another first round disaster.

Regardless of what happens over the next several weeks, it's fair to say that Marsch and Curtis' first season in charge has been a massive success. For the first time in a long time (perhaps the first time in club history), the team has an identifiable style of play and a work ethic that is instilled in every member of the squad. Young players such as Matt Miazga and Sean Davis have made breakthroughs and garnered important first team minutes. At the back, the team can rely on the rock that is Luis Robles, who has now arguably surpassed Tony Meola and Tim Howard as the best goalkeeper in club history.

So... onward to the playoffs!

But first a word about that Supporters' Shield. No sooner had the Red Bulls beaten Chicago than a number of MLS stat nerds felt compelled to knock the achievement down a peg, arguing that because of MLS' imbalanced schedule, FC Dallas, who finished level with the Red Bulls on points but lost the Shield on goal difference, were the more "impressive" club of the two. The reason? The fact that they are forced to ply their trade in the Western Conference, the more challenging of the league's two halves.

Yeah Red Bulls, you won it, the sour grapes argument goes, but it's a flawed award because everyone doesn't play everyone else the same number of times.

Let's unpack this, shall we?

First, is the Western Conference stronger than the Eastern Conference? Yes, and the numbers prove it - both in terms of head to head games and overall points. Chicago, New York City FC and Philadelphia brought up the rear in the Eastern Conference and were three of the weaker teams throughout the season. But a number Western Conference clubs were uncharacteristically disappointing. Colorado, vying with Chicago for the title of League's Biggest Dumpster Fire, had a totally forgettable season. Real Salt Lake lost its mojo when Jason Kreis left town. LA Galaxy has stumbled badly down the stretch - one week formidable and the next week flat out awful. Seattle went on a massive mid-season losing streak and still managed to make the playoffs.

Let's also take into account that the nine points that the Red Bulls earned against NYCFC (cited by some as proof that the East was a creampuff conference) were all won in heated and massively hyped derby matches. Those games may have looked easy on paper, but anyone who attended the games can attest to their intensity. For the Red Bulls to come through that cauldron with maximum points is nothing to sneeze at. Incidentally, FC Dallas didn't have to make a single trip to the NYC area this season, another vagary of the MLS schedule.

Finally, let's look at the one head-to-head match between the Red Bulls and FC Dallas, played not in Harrison but in Frisco, Texas. With the opportunity to play their eventual rival for the Shield on home turf, Dallas could only manage a draw.

More importantly, however, the idea that the only "fair" trophies are those won on a statistically level playing field is a strange one. Tell that to fans of any major American sports league, where playoff seeds are decided and eventual champions crowned based on imbalanced schedules - NFL, NHL, NBA. Tell that to FA Cup participants (or participants in almost any soccer association cup), whose opponents and home/away assignments are chosen by random draw. Extending it even further, you could argue that MLS Cup itself is imbalanced, since Western clubs have to claw their way through different competition from their Eastern counterparts and certain clubs have to travel more or play in lousy weather. Does that make winning the Cup any less impressive? Not in my book.

Further, the idea that merely playing the same opponents an equal number of times constitutes equity is debatable. If Sebastian Giovinco is away on international duty are you playing the same Toronto FC that you are playing when he's in the team? Surely not. Did you get to play the Drogba-less Impact early in the season or were you matched up with the late season version? Was Clint Dempsey away with the USMNT when your team rolled into town to play the Sounders? How do yellow cards and suspensions factor into the equation? There are so many variables from match to match, especially in MLS, which plays through a number of international breaks, that searching for equity quickly becomes a fools' errand.

Part of the issue is that MLS has grown so far and so fast that having a balanced regular season schedule is no longer possible, and won't be an option in the future as more teams - Atlanta, LAFC, Minnesota, potentially Miami - join the league. So we'd all better get used to the idea of competitive imbalance for now and the foreseeable future, both in the Supporters' Shield race and the MLS Cup.

So enjoy your Supporters' Shield, Red Bulls fans, get ready for a wild ride in the playoffs, and ignore the stat nerds.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

RBNY vs Philadelphia Union: Almost There!

That shiny Silver Plate is almost ours, once again, after a complete destruction of the hapless, Nicky Sack built, Philadelphia Union. A 4-1 victory that clinches first place in the Eastern Conference and gives us a berth in the 2016-1017 Concacaf Champions League. Just a beautiful day to be a Red Bull NY Supporter.

The whistle blew and, 7 seconds later, "Grelladinho" scored the fastest goal in MLS history. Bradley Wright-Phillips then scored his 16th three minutes later, "Grelladinho" would get his brace in the 16th and "Taxi" would get the 4th in the 44th. It was just complete and utter dominance of a #DOOP team that is in shambles.

Get In Lads! Courtesy of Matt Kremkau Photography

Former RBNY man Seb LeToux managed to pull one back in the 55th but that would be as close as the visitors would get. A crucial 4-1 victory and more padding on the goal differential that could be "a thing" depending on the results next weekend.

Taking a page from @Seeing Red NY, "El Toro" for this one has to be Mike Grella (aka "Grelladinho", "Magic Mike" & "Grella Artois") who keeps proving his doubters wrong and reaping the benefits of the new RBNY identity. The dude makes $60K per year and is destroying MLS defenses w/Brazilian-like futebol magic. The great Matt Conroy even called him the greatest signing (price-wise) in the history of MLS (in our video above). He could be right.

I'm going to give "La Vaca" award to the Philadelphia Union Supporter's (The Son's of Ben - The Movie) for their total abandonment of their team. Our secret agent down in Philly reports that only 9 DOOP boys/girls signed up for the 2hr bus trip to RBA, so it was cancelled. C'mon! I remember you guys coming down to Giants Stadium, w/your banners, AND you had no team. You're not going to come because your team sucks? Moooooooo!

Please click on the video up top for the usual drunken comments and predictions (but w/special guest Chris Duvall at half-time). We forgot to take full time comments, as we were way drunk, but (suffice to say) it was the greatest day ever! ;) Please click here for a fantastic photo set from the great Matt Kremkau (slide show here).

A fantastic day out at @The Cathedral of Football (Red Bull Arena, built by Makita). Got to view the match, like a boss, from a Skybox (where we hung w/NYCFC killer Chris Duvall). Got to go on the field to collect the BWP jersey I won (photo above) for getting bumped from the Press Conference. AND I got to go to the Press conference anyway, thanks to Matt Conroy having an extra pass. Many thanks to Mike Kane for the heads up on the Members + site having such good prizes available. I'm gonna be hoarding my points next season, for sure.

Next up: Vs Chicago at the House of Horrors that is Toyota Park. Will next Sunday be the day that RBNY finally wins there? Hey, Chris Duvall guaranteed an RBNY victory vs Chicago (in the video above) so I'm dreaming big. Let's 'av it Taurine Lads! Don't be complacent and be hungry as the Shield is ours for the taking!


Thursday, October 8, 2015

RBNY vs Impact : Victoire!

We suffered but, in the end, it was three more points to the good as the New York Red Bulls defeated the Montreal Impact 2-1. Another step forward in our "Supporter's Shield" campaign (we're the favourites at this point) and only one point, in our final three games, needed to win the East.

It wasn't simple, as Montreal has come alive after the acquisition of Didier Drogba, but the Red Bulls managed to take the lead through a Sacha Klejstan penalty (after Montreal's Ambroise Oyongo handled in the box). Oyongo was shown red on the play and the Red Bulls found themselves up 1-nil, with a man advantage. Sacha Klejstan would then have another penalty saved but Mr. Lloyd Sam scored what would become the game-winner in the 39th minute.

RBNY then missed several chances in the second half and Didier Drogba pulled one back in the 68th. It was a nervy final 25 (or so) minutes but the Taurine Lads would, at the end of the day, know the sweet taste of three points. Next up: Toronto on Wednesday. The Canucks will be without Giovinco and, possibly, Altidore and Bradley (all due to National Team commitments). There's no reason why the Red Bulls shouldn't... Yeah, I better stop right there.

A bit of a downer at the end, as Sacha Klejstan got into it with new man Gonzalo Veron. Hopefully this one blows over quickly (like the Dax/Ouimette thing did) as Veron will be an important piece of what will be a record-breaking 2016 season.

Please click on the top video for the usual drunken comments/predictions. Please click here for a most awesome set of pics from the great Matt Kremkau (slide show here) which includes the best photo yet (imho) of The Cathedral of Football in all her glory.

I got there very late (and I wasn't alone) due to my son's High School team having an away game down in Lawrenceville. But it was another great time at a (half full) Cathedral of Footbal (Red Bull Arena, built by Makita). One more home game left (Sunday, October 18th at 3pm), so I hope every RBNY fan in the tri-state areal will be able to make it.

Let's 'av it you Red Bulls! Git Stuck In LadS


Monday, October 5, 2015

RBNY vs Crew : Champagne Football (and Taurine Dreams)

Another massive, massive fixture and another massive, massive RBNY victory against the visiting Columbus Crew. Three points to "Los Taurinos" and that much closer to another Supporter's Shield title (and the MLS Cup home-field advantage that comes with that honour).

And victory was the only acceptable result, with Metro/RBNY Legend Mike Petke making his emotional return to The Cathedral of Football. With an ad-hoc backline (with both Matt Miazga and Kemar Lawrence out of this one) this was easier said than done.

In the 9th minute, the Red Bulls conceded the cheapest goal that I can remember, with a ball that was about to drop into Luis Robles' hands being headed into the goal by Damien Perrinelle. But the reply was swift, with Lloyd Sam sticking in a 12th minute equalizer (after a great effort by Mike Grella). Bradley Wright-Phillips would score the game winner in the 21st and it was three points to the good.

Although there were long stretches of beautiful, Champagne Football (or Arsenal-like football, as I like to say) by our boys, there were also lots of turnovers in this one. But, at the end of the day, the job of containing the League's leading scorer was accomplished. To be honest witcha, anytime you can do that is a good day at the office.

Click on the video, at the top, for the usual drunken comments/predictions.

We're (Taurine) dreaming of "The Shield" mates! Two games coming up against mid-table teams and another two against bottom-feeders. There's no reason... Ok, well, I'm not gonna go there and Jinx it. If "The Shield" isn't in the cards this season, I do like our "getting out of the East" chances, as the Chicago Fire won't make the playoffs this year and Houston is now in the West ;).

But one game at a time and the next one is home, against Le Impact, this coming Wednesday. Let's 'av it you Red Bulls.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

RBNY vs Chicago Fire : Doused!

Wot a match mates! A massive, massive RBNY comeback win, after being 2-nil in-the-hole early, and a massive 3 points towards our Supporter's Shield challenge. The massive belief & resilience of "Jesse Marsch's Red Army" was on full display today

A soft penalty, then a David Accam ankle breaking goal run, and it seemed like the Red Bulls were well underway to losing to the worst team in the League. But giving up is something this team doesn't do well this season.

"El Mago" Grella with another Golazo!

In the 28th minute, a magic trough-ball from Sacha and BWP cut the deficit in half. Ten minutes later, Mike "El Mago" Grella continued his magic season with another golazo and it was even at 2 all.

The Red Bulls would score the third of their unanswered goals through a Sacha Klejstan penalty in the 71st (after Mr. Lloyd Sam was taken down in the box) and it was, once again, three points to the good.

I'll take the victory but the Red Bulls have to do a better job of defending against teams with lots of counterattacking speed. BWP and Grella showed their Goal scoring powers and Sacha showed the quality we know he has. Also, it was yet another great performance by Dax McCarty (who had a hand in two of our goals).

Shout-outs to Matt Miazga for another stellar performance (he really needs to be signed to a Young DP contract ASAP), Mr. Lloyd Sam (who joined the RBNY 20/20 club) and Felipe for this.


Please click on the top video for the usual drunken comments and predictions. Please click here for Matt Kremkau's great photos from this one (slide show here). Also, why not order a print or a t-shirt of the above image (from the great Bryan Kremkau)?

Another great time w/the Lads, who never gave up hope in this one. Never in doubt! ;) Now comes a massive mid-week test at that House of Horrors up in Chowdah Land. Let's 'av it again you Red Bulls! Hoping that Wednesday night will see us Marsching on again. Get In Lads!!!


Monday, August 31, 2015

RBNY vs DCU : Gored!

What can one say about this decisive 3-0 victory? It was just total domination and a total dismantling of the purported best team in the Eastern conference. I mean, really. DCU has been doing it with smoke and mirrors for a while know and it's as if they've been really, truly found out.

An opening goal from Mr. Lloyd Sam and a brace from BWP would (see his first golazo right below this paragraph) see us keep the 3 points at home, as well as the Atlantic Cup, but this really should have been an insane scoreline (like 5, 6, 7, 8 - Nil). I kid you not, the ease in which the Red Bulls recovered balls and slice through the DCU defense was unbelievable. That said, it was a monster performance from DCU keeper Hamid that kept this one from getting near "Mercy Rule" territory.

Goal of The Year mates!

We were left stunned after Bradley Wright-Phillips' super golazo

With this victory, the Red Bulls have shown that they might have the best team in the East AND that they're the "Gold Standard" in the East (not to mention that they're in the top spot in the latest MLS Power Rankings). Let's just keep taking care of business in the East and let's hope the best in the West get taken out in playoffs.

Please see the above video for part I of our usual drunken comments and predictions. Please click here for part II. Please click here for the usual fantastic photo album from the great Matt Kremkau (slide show here).

It was another great time. The tailgate, the south ward w/the massive support and our boys looking like a better version of Arsenal on the pitch (actual goals, not own goals ;) ). This is how it should be every single time at home.

Nest up is the Fire at home and another classic 6 pointer. We can only hope that all lessons have been learned after that mid-week collapse just outside the Windy City. Our team has to start picking up full points against crap teams if we're to have any chance at The Shield. Let's get it done RBNY!!!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015


It's a Season Sweep mates! The third installment of this Derby has is now in the annals of history and it's the Red team that's King of New York. Two very nice goals, by BWP and Felipe, and it's 2-Nil to the RBNY. A very nice defensive effort, and two expensive NYCFC DPs that did absolutely nothing, ensured all three points to the good.

A great early defensive effort by Luis Robles, then about 80 minutes of (mostly) RBNY dominance to close this one out. Two very nice goals(from BWP and Felipe) and a monster nutmeg by Grellinho (plus the first few minutes of action from our newest DP) were enough to send the Red Supporters (including Red Rachel) home happy.

The broomsticks were out, the Tifo battle was not even close, and it was "wait til next year" time for Man City-Lite. This was definitely a tale of two franchises headed in different directions with the new philosophical stance at Taurine Management furthering its case. The Blue coach better sort it out in the off-season as his DP Legends will be another year older. Please click on the video above for some half-time and full-time comments. Please click here for a most excellent photo album from the great Matt Kremkau (slide show here).

A fantastic time again in a South Ward that was absolutely inspired. An incident before the match, where some NYCFC hooligan-inspired ruffians came looking to pick a fight with members of the Garden State Ultras, was the only blemish to this festive day. Well, that and someone in the NYCFC Supporter's section once again throwing a flare on the field.

Maybe these guys will just keep doing "as they want" until their whole ticket allotment is taken away (and then call for concession boycotts that won't actually pan out). Which won't be a good thing, as it will force NYCFC Supporters into buying seats in other sections of the stadium. I had two such gentlemen standing next to me (incognito - wearing USMNT jerseys but mucking about w/NYCFC lock-screened Iphones), and I'm in a Supporter's Section (as in, that's a big no-no).

But that's neither here nor there, as we have a home fixture vs TFC to contemplate. I hope to see you all @The Cathedral of Football, Red Bull Arena (built by Makita). The big viper is outtahere!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

RBNY vs NYCFC : Can We Play You Every Week?

Man, NYCFC suck! And that's alright by me, as the mighty New York Red Bulls took first blood in the inaugural "Hudson River Derby". And that's despite playing a man down for two thirds of the game.

The atmosphere was electric, with Red Bulls fans covering The Cathedral of Football in red and bringing the noise throughout the match. Bradley Wright-Phillips got us going in the 4th minute and it was, mostly, all RBNY from that point. Miazga got his 2nd yellow mid-way through the first half but Mr. Marsch had prepared the team well for, at some point, having to play down a man.

In a way, the Taurine Lads seemed to play better with 10. Our boys sealed the victory when in the 52nd minute BWP struck for his 2nd of the game. It was a fantastic team goal and, to be honest witcha, almost Arsenal-like in execution. BWP should have had his hat-trick in the 66th but NYCFC keeper Saunders came up big, saving his shambolic back-line from further disgrace. Man City-Lite pulled one back late in the game, which made for a nervy finish, but the home team had this all the way.

A statement victory by the mighty Red Bulls that left everyone associated with NYCFC searching for answers. David Villa's "we've hit rock bottom" comment was especially sweet to read. The icing on the cake to what's turning out to be a nightmare season for NYCFC is that Mix Diskerud is sucking it up big time. At the end of the day, all is as it should be.

Please click on the top video for the usual drunken comments/predictions/reaction. You can click here for Matt Kremkau's fantastic pictures from this one (slide show here).

Photo courtesy of Matt Kremkau

What a fantastic time this one was and I'm already looking forward to the away leg @The House That Jeter Built. The Supporter's Sections were in top form. The great tifos and the non-stop support no doubt served as much inspiration for our boys to dig deep and achieve victory. And the twist and shout break was especially epic.

That's it for me! Hope to see you all soon @The Cathedral of Football, Red Bull Arena (built by Makita). And, remember: This Is An Energy Drink! Ha, ha!

The big viper is outta here!


Thursday, April 30, 2015

RBNY vs Rapids : Fitness and Commitment

We had plenty of both but just couldn't finish clinically to take all three points. It's very disappointing to not get full points @The Cathedral of Football, especially when the opponent was very lackluster. Still, this 1-1 draw gives us another valuable point and preserves our unbeaten start to the season.

Bradley Wright-Phillips should have had a hat-trick, Felipe missed a sitter (he just had to pass it into the goal) and Sacha had this spectacular effort clang off the top corner of the goal. Still, it very well could have gone the other way.

Colorado had at least three breakaways, one of which might have led to Perinelle seeing red. One of their close range efforts was stopped by Robles and then stopped by his right post. Our defense must have been a bit gassed from Sunday's game and Rocket Roy Miller (making his first start after an injury layoff) didn't look like he quite fit into Mr. Marsch's "This is an Energy Drink" system.

Still, the high-pressure, dynamic football was in full effect, again. The Red Bulls had just under 70% of the possession (with even more in the first half) in this one and had several "sitters" to put this one away. Just lacking that little bit of clinical finishing and that understanding between the attacking players (that was there last year with the TH14 led offense). But it's going to come, I know it. But never mind all that! We're unbeaten in six. Playoffs, here we come! Photo courtesy of Matt Kremkau

Please click on the top video for the usual pre-match and half-time drunken comments and predictions. Please click here for full time comments.

A massive away fixture coming up this Saturday up at The Revs and then the first of many games to come against Man City-Lite. I hope to see you all soon @The Cathedral of Football, Red Bull Arena (built by Makita). Get Stuck In Boys!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

RBNY vs Galaxy : Still Marsching On

The unbeaten streak continues! The Red Bulls came back from being 1-nil down very early in this one to pulling off a very lucky 1-1 draw against the defending MLS Champion. A fortunate deflection (off Felipe's face) into the goal and the "Invincible" streak continues. The Galaxy had one chance early and they took it. After that (and before that as well) it was all RBNY.

Bradley Wright-Phillips should have done better with a point blank shot about 5 minutes after the LA goal. Anywhere but straight at the keeper would have seen us level early in this one. Still the Jesse Marsch instituted "Energy Drink" offense/defense was on full display. The Red Bulls pressed the crap out of LA, which led to many, many balls just kicked anywhere by the team from the left coast. Such turn-over led to the Taurine Lads having much of the possession and attacking quickly and frequently. Say it with me: Dynamic, Uptempo football!

A frustrating draw, as LA had only one good chance in this one. Still, might have been the best game the Red Bulls have played so far. What's that you say? We were very lucky and it's not like we won? True, but the team passed the ball around with Arsenal-like precision and the good teams make their own luck. If only there had been just a bit more precision in front of the LA goal, it would have been 3 points to the good and not just 1.

The "Taxi" man is turning into a monster at left back. The Miazga/Perrinelle Center Back tandem might be the best in MLS right now. The Three-Headed Monster of Sacha, Dax & Felipe continues to dominate and progress. Just a bit more of a spark up front is what we need, as BWP seems a bit too isolated without a certain legendary Frenchman by his side. We sort that out and we're off to MLS Cup! But that's getting a bit ahead of ourselves. We've got Colorado mid-week at home, so we Marsch On Lads!

Please click on the video on top for all the usual drunken comments/predictions/analysis. Please click here for a great photo album, courtesy of Matt Kremkau (slide show here).

Another great drunken time with the Lads in the South Ward. The Red Bulls honored the greatest player to ever play here (yeah, sorry Thierry) and I got to take a picture with him (and my kid). Thanks Red Bull!

That's it for me! I hope to see you all this Wednesday, April 29th @The Cathedral of Football, Red Bull Arena (built by Makita). The big viper saying Au Revoir, for now!