Sunday, October 25, 2009

Red Bulls vs Toronto FC

At the Temple of Fooball for one last game. The weather was awful and I was my usual pessimistic self (predicting a loss, of course). Instead we were treated to a Jersey Whacking, as the Assassins named Juan Pablo Angel and Mac Kandji scored two each (with Matt Mbuta sticking one in as well) past the lifeless Toronto FC (exactly who was the team fighting for it's playoff life here?). I hope their ill mannered fans had a nice ride back up north, with their clever banner. Not as clever as the one they brought down last year, but whatever.

Anyway, we're done! The offseason has officially begun for us (and several other MLS teams, including Toronto) and our team is never going to play a game at Giants Stadium again. Come on Uncle Deitrich, let's get it going here! Oh, and please do enjoy the above Pre Game commentary, featuring the great You Suck Corrales. You can get our engrossing Half Time Commentary by Clicking Here and Post Game Commentary by Clicking Here. Thanks!
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