Thursday, November 19, 2009


So, according to Goff, that man pictured above, one Erik Soler, is the leading candidate for the Red Bulls Sporting Director position. The same report also names Current MLS Exec Nelson Rodriguez (who also, at one time, worked for the MetroStars front office) and former KC Coach Curt Onalfo as possible candidates, but Soler is named as The Leading Candidate.

Another Goff report on the situation mentions a possible (and far-fetched,imho) Soler/Richie Williams connection. Yet another report, this time by Soccer America's Ridge Mahoney, says that Richie Williams has taken the lead over Curt Onalfo, as the Leading Candidate for the Head Coach position. The same report also says that Red Bull have been "aggressively pursuing", the aformentioned Nelson Rodriguez for the Red Bulls Sporting Director position (contradicting the Goff report ever so slightly). Mind you, all this is not a guarantee that Richie Williams will be appointed Head Coach, even if Soler gets the Sporting Director job, but there is a glimmer of hope nonetheless.

Anyway, I'll ask again: Who? Maybe that's not the correct question to ask even. It might be: Does this guy have ANY knowledge of how MLS works? Better yet: Does he have any idea of how to run ANY football team? Regarding the latter question, this Big Soccer post by Viper's Nest contributor Who Shot Sam (aka Blue Note) isn't very encouraging at all.

That said, Red Bull better make a move quick, unless they want to risk Williams bolting to DC United, maybe as soon as the week after Thanksgiving. C'mon Red Bull, do the right thing! The obvious choice is Richie Williams.
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