Monday, January 11, 2010

From the MLS Draft Combine: Soler Speaks!

Combine 2010: Chatting with Erik Soler from mlsinsider on Vimeo.

Looks like Richie and Des will be in charge at the Draft. Thank God! In other Red Bulls news, the team make like MLS early birds by starting informal training sessions tomorrow (Tuesday, January 12th). Then it's off to Spain, the following week, for some pre-season exhibitions.


  1. I like it. We have Soler in Florida with his best talent evaluators. His attitude comes off as someone who knows he must both learn, and lead. And we have the new coach, fresh off the plane and thus not useful at the Combine, creating the opportunity to bring the guys in and start working with his new team. This all seems positive and gives me hope.

  2. With Richie and Des making the Draft recommendations, Agoos way off in Brazil and Mr. Backe getting to know the team (and NOT having a hand in the draft - something which he knows nothing about anyway), I also have a good feeling.

  3. A twitter report from Mike Petke:

    "New coach seems to know his soccer, and he's a chill guy which makes it better. We are leaving for Spain next Wed thats wen it realy begins"

  4. In case you didn't catch them, there are a pair of video interviews with Richie Williams discussing the Combine and Draft over at RBR. They were shot before he left for Florida. No big news there, but his thoughts on the Draft, particularly his belief that they have too many picks and want to consolidate and move some, were interesting. (As long as he doesn't want to give away our #2 overall to TFC for...??? !)

  5. Yeah, I saw that. I like what he said about them having scouted players for several years.