Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Red Bulls New Year 2010 News

The top Red Bulls news story of the new year (in my opinion) might just be that Mac Kandji (pictured above, with his girlfriend - who looks alot like Downtown Julie Brown) is a Lingerie Connoisseur.

But seriously, no Head Coach in place yet, although according to this post on Goff's blog, the Red Bulls have already decided on a yet-to-be-announced Foreigner. Here's hoping Richie Williams sticks around as second fiddle for, at least, another season.

Also, mercifully for us Red Bulls fans, the seriously under-achieving Venezuelan "playmaker" Jorge Rojas has gone back to the land of Hugo Chavez and will not be with us next season. Good Riddance!

Finally, the Red Bulls have, actually, made one signing. Costa Rican National Team defender Roy Miller has signed a two year deal. The Red Bulls just need Miller to pass a physical before announcing the signing. The 6'2" Miller has been playing club football in Norway and was, apparently, wanted by the Seattle Sounders last season (and everyone knows that Sigi knows how to pick pretty good players). He can play Center Back as well as Left Back and will, hopefully, not accumulate as many Red Cards as Carlos Johnson.
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