Monday, February 22, 2010

Lottery Sends Gil to Kansas City (For Now), Red Bulls Rumors

MLS' super duper double secret Luis Gil weighted lottery took place today, and the Kansas City Wizards were the team that had their name drawn out of a hat.  As reported by ThreeFourThree as early as last week, Gil has signed with MLS on condition of his rights being traded to either Seattle or Real Salt Lake.  That hasn't dissuaded Wizards head honcho Robb Heinemann from trying to "sell" Gil on the delights of Middle America.  Kansas City does have a beautiful new stadium on the horizon, but we suspect that Gil will still end up out west.

MLS is notorious for bending the rules for the sake of landing or retaining talent, and that certainly seems to be the case with Gil.  You have to wonder if the league might not be setting a terrible precedent by agreeing to the youngster's terms.  What's to keep future Generation Adidas-caliber players from holding out on the league unless their wishes are agreed to?  It's ironic that at a time when veteran out-of-contract players such as Dave van den Bergh and Kevin Hartman are being denied freedom of movement, a 16-year old can essentially dictate his own terms.  What's wrong with this picture?

On the Red Bulls front, we still await word on a possible midfield signing.  The New York Post's Brian Lewis suggests on his Twitter page that we may have further word on that as soon as tomorrow.  He also reports that Mac Kandji will not return to the team for another three weeks because of injury.  Must have pulled something when he was out shopping for lingerie.  Rumors that academy product John Agudelo has signed with MLS and will suit up for the Red Bulls this season have been circulating, but nothing has yet been confirmed by the club or the league.

Finally, if there is to be a players strike, the calendar at Red Bull Arena will at least include several other non-MLS events, including the Turkey/Czech Republic friendly and the final matches of rugby's Churchill Cup, during the World Cup break in June.  Those worried about the Red Bull Arena pitch being turned into a potato field should note that RBNY does not play its first home match following the World Cup until July 10, when the Galaxy come to town.
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