Thursday, February 25, 2010

CBA Negotiations: No Player Strike (For Now)

That's if the guy pictured above is to be believed. In this article (from yesterday), he states:

At the moment, we have no intention of going on strike,”

Unless Mr. Conrad doesn't know what he's talking about, or is just flat-out lying, it seems like all MLS fans can breathe a little easier right now. But for how long?

From what I've read these past couple of weeks, it seems the owners are dead-set against giving in to the MLS Player's Union demand for some sort of free agency. If you don't know why that is, you can read about it in this article, from Soccer Law, by Stan Chelney and in this article, from Nutmeg Radio, by Clive Longbottom-Fellow, Esq.

So, does the Player's Union continue trying to negotiate for some sort of free agency? At this point, it seems - well - pointless. Does the Player's Union then sign a new CBA and hope they have more leverage during the next go-round (in five years)? Speaking purely as a selfish Red Bulls fan, who's been patiently waiting for the Cathedral of Football to open for many, many years: I certainly hope so!

Edit: The MLS Player's Union will, reportedly, release an official statement at 5:00pm today. A report by Duane Rollins, from the excellent The 24th Minute, hints that the player's WILL strike. We'll know, one way or the other, very, very soon now.

Edit: And, as expected, there's not going to be a Player's Union strike (for now). It seems that negotiations - and the 2010 season - will proceed with an expired CBA. It would be nice to have an agreement in place soon, however. If not, the 2010 MLS season is going to be a game to game affair, with the threat of a strike looming throughout. Not fun.
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