Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seeing Red Kicks Off

Veteran RBNY bloggers Mark Fishkin, Dave Martinez and Nathaniel Baker have launched a new audio show focused on the Red Bulls, titled "Seeing Red!." In the inaugural edition, Mark, Dave and Nat discuss recent roster moves, expectations for the upcoming season, the opening of Red Bull Arena and a number of other matters of interest to RBNY fans.  Drop by and give it a listen.

This is a massive step in the right direction.  The club has been crying out for more and better coverage from media and fans, and now things to be changing, however slowly.    Kudos to "Seeing Red!" 

Twitter users can follow "Seeing Red" on their newly-launched Twitter page.  They would also like to have e-mails from Red Bulls fans at  Fans whose e-mails are read on the program and selected as "best of the week" will receive a $25 gift certificate from PremSoccerShop in Hoboken.
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