Monday, March 8, 2010

A Big Thanks

We here at The Viper's Nest would like  to offer a massive thanks to Erik Danley at the super awesome for lending a hand with our recent redesign, including helping us perfect the fantastic logo that we are happy to have at the top of our page, proudly sporting Red Bull colors.

For anyone considering football travel or even those just curious about the many places around the world where soccer is played, Footiemap is an invaluable resource.  And yes, I'm saying that partly because I've been part of the project for nearly five years, but also because I just think it's great.  Fans of the game here in North America, for example (partial screen cap above), can use the site to navigate back through previous seasons and see the growth and evolution of MLS, find their way to various MLS stadiums including Red Bull Arena by using the local mapping feature, or view other leagues in CONCACAF.  Last year we even added the old NASL.

It's a labor of love involving a number of selfless contributors and a fascinating resource for anyone who has a passion for soccer, geography, or both. The site is always looking for new contributors as well, so if there is a league you are interested in maintaining, drop me a line at You can also visit the FM Facebook page.
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