Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Entire 2010 Draft Class Signed?

Ives Galarcep has twittered, "Irving Garcia and Connor Chin to sign developmental contracts with NY Red Bulls, meaning all five 2010 draft picks have made the squad."

This tells us a couple of things. First, Garcia and Chinn take the final two available developmental slots on the team, meaning that the rumored Agudelo deal will be a senior contract.

Second, it implies that Tim Ream has signed a deal.  There has not been any announcement of this that I'm aware of, although it does seem clear that he has made the team.

Third, it tells us what a great draft the new team of Solér and Backe had, under the guidance of Assistant Coach Richie Williams.

(OK, it also confirms how much help the team needed, if five rookies can all make the squad, but that's not telling us anything we didn't already know!)
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