Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Red Bulls News and Notes... and Khano's Back!

As we head into this weekend's MLS opener against Chicago Fire, the Red Bulls braintrust appears to have settled on a final squad, with Ernst Oebster being the only notable casualty.  Late additions include academy signing Juan Agudelo, whose Generation Adidas contract was wrapped up yesterday, and Belgian striker Ibrahim Salou, who will not be available for selection until his visa and transfer details have been finalized.  Neither will Carl Robinson, who is still recovering from the knock he took in the Santos match.

Two players who will likely feature tomorrow barring any last-minute problems are Juan Pablo Angel and Dane Richards.  The Red Bulls will need both against a strong Chicago team that has traditionally had the Red Bulls' number, as Chris Celletti, at his newly-launched blog Once a Metro, notes in his match preview.  We will, of course, have more video and predictions tomorrow from MMM Bello's.  By the way, it should be relatively cold, so be sure to bundle up and bring your scarf!

Kudos to the Red Bulls for arranging to have Brandon Tierney of 1050 ESPN Radio do his live show from Red Bull Arena this morning.  Though, predictably, most of the talk was NCAA hoops and Yankees-related, Erik Solér did get some air time, long enough at least to tell us what we already knew:
"Chicago is good. Red Bull is better"
If you missed it, you can listen here.  Solér is on in the final hour.  Credit to Tierney for at least giving soccer the respect it deserves, even if he is no expert on the Beautiful Game.

Finally, from the "Who'd a Thunk It? Department" comes news that the New England Revolution have signed Khano Smith.  Yes, that Khano Smith, bringing his special brand of soccer back to MLS.  Wow, just wow.  Wait, I'm having 2009 flashbacks!!!  Ahhh!!!

Have the Revs hired Jeff Agoos' twin brother?
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