Monday, March 22, 2010

New York Red Bulls: A New Beginning Pt. I

I'm actually at a loss for words (and thoughts) right now after the awesome time we all had this past Saturday. I truly feel that any superlatives I can come up with would not do my feelings justice. It was great meeting up with old friends in the Ironbound (@MMM Bello's) before the match. The great You Suck Corrales was on hand, and it was time for more drunken comments and predictions. Check out the first part above. Check out part 2 below:

Truly, a great time was had by all. It was also great meeting a bunch of guys, at Bello's and at the Arena, who actually follow us here on The Viper's Nest, including JerseyMob and the great up and coming football analyst Paulo Pincaro. Paulo put up this great post on his site yesteday. Check out his blog here and his Facebook fan page here!

I'll be putting up more videos later on today. This might be a five or six part special (ha, ha) so bear with me. I'll also be putting up a bunch of pictures as well as some thoughts, including my one and only Red Bull Arena pet peeve.

The Viper's Nest contributors Who Shot Sam and Homebrew put up their own thoughts on the Grand Opening yesterday. These guys are good! Much better than I could ever come up with, anyway. You can revisit their superb posts here and here (respectively). Also, kudos to Mrs. Homebrew, as she might just have taken The Iconic Picture of this great day.
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