Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New York Red Bulls: A New Beginning Pt. II

Here's more video from The Big Day. The one above is of our trek from the Ironbound section of Newark to Red Bull Arena. We tried taking the trolley, as there were several women in our group who didn't want to walk. So much for that, because after about 15 minutes stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, most people on the bus got off and started to walk. It wasn't much of a walk really, as it must have taken us only 15 minutes. I can only see it being harsh during a rainy day. Hopefully something can be done with the trolley routes but, as of right now, I can't see myself getting on that bus again unless kickoff was more than an hour 1/2 later.

The above video is of scenes from inside Red Bull Arena. A magical place, really. All MLS fans should make the pilgrimage here to support their team and experience the place. The best stadium in the Western Hemisphere, hands down! I'll have more video for your amusement a bit later on. In the meantime:

Here's my set of photos from the big day. Or check out the slide show by clicking here. I'll have still more videos later on. Also, I recommend you check out the New York Red Bulls Facebook Page as fans have been posting lots and lots of pictures from The Big Day.
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