Friday, March 12, 2010

Osorio Turned Down Offer from Atlético Nacional

In an interview published today on the Colombian sports website Nuevo Estadio, former Red Bulls and Chicago Fire manager Juan Carlos Osorio reflects on his time in MLS, revealing that while under contract with the Red Bulls he received an offer from Colombian club Atlético Nacional that he was "frustrated" to have to decline.  Osorio doesn't specify when the offer was tendered but it does make you wonder if he was ever fully committed to the job in New York.

Osorio, who is now (surprisingly successfully) managing Once Caldas, also has some less than complimentary things to say about soccer in the US and lists Oscar Echeverry among the key players who allowed him to make a run to MLS Cup 2008.  Yes, that Oscar Echeverry, the one who had a massive nine appearances for the club.

Strange indeed.
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