Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RBA Updates

In an interview posted at, Red Bulls' Managing Director, Erik Stover, took time to discuss Red Bull Arena, just days before the first event in the venue's history. Among the topics addressed was ticket sales. Key points:

  • He reaffirmed his expectations that the March 20 and March 27 matches will sell out.
  • He stated his expectation that attendance will average 18,000 this season. (Admittedly, until single-game tickets go on sale, this is speculative.)
  • He sees season ticket sales approaching 8,000 by the start of the season.
  • 17 out of 30 skyboxes have been sold, at prices ranging from $65k to $75k each.
He also says he's received calls from "every major club throughout the world" about playing at Red Bull Arena, and discusses using the venue for events other than soccer. The video interview posted with the article (above) shows the LCD wraparound, as well as the turf, repaired and unveiled from its winter tarp. Definitely worth a look.

Season ticket holders whose priority had not yet been reached in the sale of RBA Corner Pub memberships learned today via e-mail that memberships are sold out. Save your $100 use it to partake in one of the many drinking and dining establishments in the local area. You might want to stop by MMM Bello's and visit with the members of Garden State Supporters.

In an e-mail received this evening, season ticket holders were offered the opportunity to purchase the "few 100-level tickets" which "recently became available" for the Santos game on March 20. I'd take this to mean that, for this game, they are releasing the seats that are being held for season ticket purchases.

And, in what I consider to be the most significant update of the day, my Season Ticket package finally arrived this evening. Section 130, can I get a shoutout?!
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