Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Season Ticket Sales In Context

A quick look this evening at what we know about the Red Bulls' season ticket sales number. Let's take a moment to compare it to recent years' sales. Thanks to this document, which was prepared for the Portland expansion, we have season ticket numbers for all teams in 2007 and 2008. and we can put this year's most recently reported number of 6,500 into context.

2007: 2,391
2008: 3,170
2009: ?
2010: >6,500

Since 2007, the Red Bulls have achieved approximately a 175% increase in season ticket sales. By any measure this is a great progress, especially considering the lousy performance last year. Surely, the new digs are the main thing creating this additional interest, and it will probably require real improvements on the pitch if the team is going to create the kind of game day experience that will retain the thousands of new season ticket holders, and attract more.

The success in sales this year is a great start and should help create a more enthusiastic atmosphere. With the new stadium, the new management in place, and thousands of new season ticket holders, this season provides the team with a great opportunity to reinvent itself as one that this region will support in numbers.
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