Saturday, April 10, 2010

RBNY Gameday @Chivas USA

Good morning! It's gameday and the Red Bulls are in Los Angeles, at the beautiful Home Depot Center, looking for another three points against a team that has no points and no goals (after two regular season games). If RBNY can pull this one off, it would be the team's best start to a season ever. With that in mind, let's get to some predictions:

Who Shot Sam has this prediction for us:
I’m going for a 1-1 draw on Saturday. Goal from Angel for us, Galindo for the Goats. I think Chivas are desperate for points.
Chivas are desperate for points, that's why I believe this tilt will be like a Cup Final for them. That said, there's no way Chivas are a better team than Seattle and the Home Depot Center atmosphere is nowhere near Quest Field-like. I'm going to go with a 2-0 win for RBNY. If I have to predict who's going to score, then I'm going with Juan Pablo, as he's due one, with Kandji scoring the other.

Homebrew has this prediction for us:
I see this game going 2-1 New York. As awesome as our defense has been, teams have had their chances. One of these days, one's getting past Bouna. Saturday's the day. Our goals: Stammler rockets one in on a sweet pass from Lindpere, and Ibrahim (who comes off the bench in the 64th minute) holds the ball up in the box, attracts 2 defenders and manages to poke the ball through to an unmarked Angel who finally puts up his first of the year. Your New York Red Bulls will be off to their best start in team history, and Chivas USA will be in a very deep hole.
The great You Suck Corrales also predicts victory today. Here is what he had to say:
Based on how Mr. Backe has this team playing, with such supreme organization, the New York Red Bulls will achieve another clean sheet. There is not reason to believe that Chivas can break down the best backline in the League, when Chicago couldn't. Also, RBNY player's will be inspired by Mr. Backe's show of Iron Will, as he is now back with the team. We're also due for some scoring. My prediction: RBNY 3 - Chivas USA 0.
On another note, YSC offers his analysis of the "imminent arrival" of Luke Rodgers:
We need that type of player here, someone who can bust up a pub. He would be an inspired signing.
Alrighty then!

In other Red Bulls news:

According to Mr. Backe (and reported by Stefan Bondy), Red Bulls fans don't have to worry about Tony Tchani's progress as a player:
Tony Tchani: “A really big guy, an absolute physical animal on the pitch. His key for success is he has to give himself much more space on the pitch because he’s not that quick. So he must create space for himself and play more with one-two touches. When you go from MLS to college, you don’t get that time. You have to be much quicker in the passing game.”

Tchani’s work ethic: “That’s no problem. He’s working very good every session. He played well in the reserve games too. He’s the type of player who needs time.”
You might recall that in our Tuesday Kick-Around, I brought up some interesting quotes about Tchani. It seems that Mr. Backe is of another opinion and that's good enough for me.

Bondy also has this great feature on RBNY goal keeper Bouna "Time" Condoul. Brian Lewis has his own great Condoul feature out today. Check them both out!

According to Brian Lewis, it appears that Red Bulls Sporting Director Erik Soler is off scouting a mystery Left Winger:
Also, just because the Red Bulls haven’t brought back fan favorite Dave van den Bergh yet doesn’t mean they're ignoring the gaping hole on the left wing. A source said GM Erik Soler is out of town personally checking out a left winger that could bring some pace and skill to that side of the field. Stay tuned ….
RBNY Cool Link Of The Day: Meet Conor Chinn (aka Guillermo Ortiz). Thanks to irishapple21 for coming up with that one on Big Soccer.
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