Friday, April 2, 2010

Red Bulls News & Notes: Good Friday Edition

Greetings! As we get ready for tomorrow's Clash of Titans in Seattle, we have a few tidbits to share. First, from the Better Late Than Never department, Red Bulls Reader brings us the great video above. Keep an eye out for the great Mike Petke calling Red Bull Arena "a Cathedral" (wink, wink). Then, we have a bit of news regarding the proposed Red Bulls training facility (pictured below):

It was reported a couple of weeks ago that the above facility, which was announced way back in 2007, might not be built, as originally intended, in Hanover, NJ. Coach Backe has since decreed that a state-of-the-art facility is imperative to entice great players, like Thierry Henry for instance, to sign with the team. Now, American Soccer News gives us this report, which states that Red Bulls GM Erik Stover and Harrison Mayor Raymond McDonough discussed the training facility being built on a site within Harrison borders (at a site adjacent to RBA, perhaps???). Wow! Major, major news. The club could, possibly, have stadium and training facility within walking distance.

Also, the Official Red Bulls site has just received a major facelift. It remains to be seen if this re-design is also courtesy of the team responsible for the re-designed Major League Soccer site ( - as in Major League Soccer, but I hope not. Those guys have gotten less than favorable reviews (to put it mildly). There is also evidence that this debacle has "filtered down to the team-level", meaning team sites are also sucking it up right now. I, unfortunately, haven't had time to really explore the new Official Red Bulls site. If any of you have, however, please do give us your reviews in the comments section. Thanks!

Last, but not least, a guy by the name of Jersey Chris has a new Red Bulls blog up. Chris had these very kind words for us here at TVN:
you guys are so good at doing your articles. i have a new blog and the site is and i was wondering if you guys could just visit it just to take a look because you guys are the reason why i started to blog.
Yes Chris, flattery will always get you somewhere here at The Viper's Nest. Ha, ha!

In other Red Bulls news:

Defensive Midfielder Carl Robinson has been ruled out vs Seattle due to swelling in his knee. Robison was injured in the March 20th friendly against Santos FC and has been fighting to regain his fitness.

Check out my Red Bulls cool link of the day. Nothing new here, just a very cool presentation.
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