Monday, April 19, 2010

Red Bulls vs FC Dallas: Whew!!!

Sorry to get this in so late but I've been deathly ill these last couple of days. So, from the Better Late Than Never Department:

The Soccer Gods were smiling down upon us this past Saturday night at Red Bull Arena. The Red Bulls were so very lucky to get away with a win against an FC Dallas team that, really, should have put them away in the first half. If it wasn't for Bouna Time, some awful finishing by the Dallas forwards and a few saves by the post, the Red Bulls would have been embarrassed at home. But whatever! Well certainly take it. Due to other commitments (namely, my son's birthday party), I arrived midway through the first half. Imagine my shock when I saw the score (one-nil to Dallas)! How was that possible? Still, I had faith that the Red Bulls would win, which is more that I can say for my friend, the great You Suck Corrales. Check out the Half-Time comments video above, where YSC goes off on everyone associated with the team. Fortunately, he had to eat his words in the Post-Match comments.

There were lots of empty seats at Red Bull Arena, with attendance announced at just 13,667. The atmosphere, however, was still top-notch, thanks to the supporters groups in the "South Ward". Check out this great report, from a volcano stranded Brit, if you don't believe me. Here's my very small photo set from the game (slide show here).

Last: At MMM Bello's, after the game, we were treated to the Breakfast at Tiffany's Choir. What a way to end the evening!
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