Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Morning Sports Section

One of the things I loved growing up in New Hampshire was waking up on the weekend, grabbing the newspaper, and loading up on Redsox or Patriots news. (Sorry, Tri-Staters, I grew up supporting my local teams, and I'm nothing if not loyal. I've lived in Westchester for 17 years now, though, and the Red Bulls are my one and only MLS team--they receive the same loyalty.)

Of course, you can't really do that around these parts when it comes to the Red Bulls, so I've spent a little time this morning rounding up some news and am happy to post it all here. A Saturday Morning Sports Section, customized for readers of The Viper's Nest. Go pour yourself a cup of coffee (nothing from Seattle, though--please!), and enjoy. Also, be sure to check in later today for TVN's own staff's predictions on tonight's match!

The Sports Section can be found after the jump.

Red Bulls Look to Get Revitalized - The Olympian
“We’ve been in this chicken-or-the-egg debate: superstars vs. TV ratings, and which one comes first,” managing director Erik Stover said this week. “Some people argue you need to have the ratings so you have the sponsors and money so you can afford the stars. And other people say you have to have the stars first to get those things. So, if you will, we’re putting all of our chips in the middle of the table and we’re going to bring the building and the stars and we’re going to try to move the needle for the league as a whole.”

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