Saturday, May 1, 2010

Matchday @RFK: DC United vs RBNY

Good morning! Today, the mighty Red Bulls are down at The Lair of The Great Satan, otherwise known as RFK Stadium, in Washington, DC. The mighty United (and just WTF did they Unite?) have fallen on hard times and are really stinking up MLS. They're winless in 4 tries, and have even lost to the hapless Philadelphia Union. They're also dealing with a major injury crisis. You might say DC is ripe for the picking. Well, most might say that, but not I. You see, I've seen it before where DC has sucked, but they've slammed us anyway. Take last year, for instance. Also, the Red Bulls are riding a 20 game away winless streak against Eastern Conference opponents. The Red Bulls will be desperate to snap that one but I'm thinking that DC will be even more desperate, just to get some points. But enough of my optimism, let's get down to some predictions:

The great Matt Conroy (aka Who Shot Sam) has this for us:
I’m going for a 1-1 draw. We finally get off to a decent start and Angel puts one away before halftime, but we concede one in the second half.
For once, I'm going to agree with Matt. Even though DC United is ripe for the picking, they're always up for this one. I'm thinking we score one and they score one as well and it ends up 1-1. I'm hoping for a goleada, but I'll be happy with a point at RFK.

Homebrew Tim has this for us:
A tricky week to predict. Are we as good as our 4-1 record? Are D.C. as collosally lousy as their 0-4 start? The answer to both of these questions is, "Probably not quite." But we are good, and they are collosally lousy. After Tuesday's victory in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup match by our reserves; or as I now prefer to call them, our "Backe-Ups" (tip of the cap to jevanvoo of various Red Bull boards and twitters); I believe our starters are coming into this D.C. match with extra focus knowing that there is a full team of players more than capable of challenging them for their spots. D.C. won't go down against New York without a fight, however. Look for a hard-fought 2-1 (again!) victory to New York, hopefully with more of the offense and control we saw from our Backe-Ups, and look for a couple more amazing saves by Bouna. Red Bull goals from Salou, and Chinn with the late game- winner.
Last, but certainly not least, You Suck Corrales has this for us:
Since this will probably be out last trip ever to RFK I am hoping we go out in style with a massive goleada. Would be a nice way to end our trips to that cesspool. At least the trip to Baltimore next year will be shorter, and the food will be much better! As payback for all the pain that the soon to be consigned to the ash bin of history DC United have inflicted on us over 14 years, NYRB scores 5 and DCU nil. Several members of the Screaming Eagles throw themselves in front of the Metro after the game! Okay maybe that is too much to ask. But anyway we get 3 points would be fine with me. A fifteen point lead over the Scum on May 1st would simply be incredible.
Well, there you have it! The great Who Shot Sam, the great You Suck Corrales and Your's Truly will be at this one, supporting the Red Bulls til our throats give out. Look for our reports, videos and pictures in the coming days. viper out!
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