Friday, May 21, 2010

RBNY vs Crew: Their Will Imposed

For shame! You let the Columbus Crew waltz into The Cathedral of Football, without their three best players, and... you let them impose their will on you. You let them be massive! Yeah, I'm talking to you Red Bull NY!

As the great You Suck Corrales said: "We've been exposed." And we have! Crap players overachieving at the beginning of the season. That's what we had! It's not going to work the whole f'ng year. Mr. Backe really really doesn't have much to work with and even he cannot work miracles, for a whole season, with what he has.

It's really unbelievable to me that two balls into the box by Columbus can lead to two headed golazos into the back of the RBNY net. WFT??? Where were our center backs? Where was our keeper? Even more unbelievable to me was the fact that we got back into it, through Tchani's goal, with about 10 minutes left but were undone by the Keystone Cop defending of Mike Petke and Tim Ream (just a minute later). I mean, really, WTF??? The f'ng lack of concentration is inexcusable!

The great You Suck Corrales brought over some English friends, Kevin & Emma, to the game. Kevin gave me some great analysis. He said there was not much difference in quality of personnel between Columbus and RBNY, except that both RBNY center backs were of "Sunday League" quality. I must agree totally with this expert English analysis! To add insult to injury, right there on the field Columbus had one Eric Brunner playing well at center back for them.

Remember Brunner? Those scary judges of talents we had until last year (JCO/Agoos, I'm talking to you) showed him the door TWO pre-seasons in a row (2008 & 2009) so we could have crap like Pietravallo and Krupnik on our roster. Man, crap like that still makes me sick.

But let me get back to bashing our current roster. Everyone here now has to man up! If you can't cut it anymore, retire. If you're a man of glass, with too many soft groins, pulled ass, or other chronic injuries, please retire. No one (except JPA) is making Claudio Reyna money, so get going on a new career and good luck to you. Mr. Backe: please no more JCO-like moves, sticking players way out of their usual positions (Miller at center mid?). Please, this will only make the situation worse. Mr. Williams can tell you all about it.

Alrighty then! Please check out the above video for some pre-match comments and predictions. Please click here for half-time banter and click here for full-time comments.

All that said, it was a great atmosphere, yet again, at Red Bull Arena. Twelve thousand on a Thursday night made the Arena rock all game long. Englishman, and QPR supporter, Kevin stated that it was the best atmosphere he's ever been in (I'm thinking he was very drunk, but whatever). He gave massive kudos to the supporters in the South Ward and was even inspired to buy the away jersey from the club store as halftime. Check out the third part of my videos if you think I'm kidding. Please click here for my photo set from this game or click here for the slide show.

The Red Bulls return to action this coming Sunday in a meaningless friendly that could not have come at a worse time. I won't be there as I'll be watching a game that truly matters (my son's U12 team). The great Matt will be on hand, however, and he'll bring us some vids, photos and observations. I bid you Adieu, until next time. Viper Out!
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