Monday, May 17, 2010

RBNY vs Seattle: The Fortress Is Breached

Well, it had to happen sometime. The Red Bulls were handed their first ever loss at The Cathedral of Football, Red Bull Arena (built by Makita). Our house is an impregnable fortress no more. The less said about this game the better, but I'm going to make a point or two anyway.

Did our team actually take only one f'ng shot on goal (and a weak one at that)??? You gotta be f'ng kidding me??? As everyone can plainly see, we need an actual playmaker to provide service to our forwards. As I've said before, a great midfield maestro (like Barros-Schelotto, for instance) can make run-of-the-mill forwards look world class. Why is it that we haven't had one of those since Amado Guevara??? That quack Osorio seemed to think we didn't need such a player, that our team could get by with the blinding speed of Khano on the left, Richards on the right and Dominic Oduro up front. At the time we had Rojas, whom Osorio tried to convert to a creative midfielder without success. At the moment, we have Joel Lindpere, a player that is more of a great worker bee than a creative mid.

I'm hoping Mr. Backe is seeing what I'm seeing, as it doesn't take a genius to figure out what we're missing. Lord knows I'm not the brightest bulb on Broadway, but I can see this clear as daylight. I'm also hoping those Ze Roberto to RBNY rumors are true or it's going to be a long season, with Thierry Henry here or not (as a matter of fact, here's the latest Henry to RBNY article).

Also, I'm going to question sticking Brian Nielsen in as a forward. Nielsen has been great on the left wing in several of our games. Why was he put on as a forward when Chinn was available? Why was Wolyniec not even on the subs bench when he had two goals against the Revs? Is there no faith in our reserve forwards?

Please see the above video for comments at the start of the game and half-time comments as well. You can click here for the post game wrap-up.

Good showing from Seattle fans. There was a pretty good number of them throughout Red Bull Arena, not just up in the away supporters section. A word for them though: your goal came as a result of a bullsh*t foul called by the bullsh*t ref (although Petke - you gotta do better than that! You too Near Post Condoul!). That said, I don't believe you'll see anyone here in RBNY land calling for demonstrations against awful MLS officiating. It's just a fact of life in this league. You'll get some awful calls that will cost you games and you'll get some awful calls that will win you games. And remember, refunds are for the weak.

Please click here for my photo album from this game, or click here for the slideshow. And here's a great Facebook photo album, courtesy of American Soccer News.
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