Friday, May 14, 2010

Red Bulls vs Revolution: Backe-Ups Win Again!

What can I say? A great 3-0 win by our reserve team against a New England Revolution team missing several key players. Except for the first 15 minutes (or so) of the game, it was total RBNY domination. It really should have been a 7-0 slamming of the Revs, but whatever. We won! MetroBull legend John Wolyniec made the most of his start with two, and Sinisa had the other. That said, it was the performance of The Great Dane, Brian Nielsen, that really stood out. Nielsen sliced his way throught the New England defense all night, and put in several great passes/crosses that should have led to Red Bulls goals (I mean you, Chinn). He was very unlucky not to have scored himself and should have been in contention for Man-Of-The-Match.

Next up in US Open Cup action: The Colorado Rapids @Red Bull Arena on Wednesday, May 26th (8:00pm). Come out and support the team! In the meantime: Please see the above video for Pre-Game Commentary. You can click here and click here for the Half-Time and Post-Game shows (respectively).

For the first time this season, I joined in the Supporters Section fun. And much fun it was! At some point, we were even joined by a few New England fans, who must have been very lonely on the other side of the field. I mean, really...

It was great meeting up with Dan Feuerstein, of Feuerstein's Fire fame, and with Greg, a Viper's Nest reader who was up from the Virginia Military Institute for this one. It was his first Red Bulls game since last year. I was also stunned to see Blaise back supporting the team. Another 96er back in the fold! Please click here for my photo album, or you can check out the slide show here. Also, check out this very nice photo album from Red Bulls Official on Facebook. And here's another nice Facebook photo album, courtesy of American Soccer News.

Finally, if you missed the game, you can watch it here (courtesy of RBNY).
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