Thursday, July 15, 2010

He's Here, He's Here! He's Really Here!

It, apparently, took two years to accomplish, but the Red Bulls finally got their man. Thierry Henry was officially introduced to the media today at a press conference over @The Cathedral of Football. During the press conference Coach Backe confirmed what was first reported by the great Three.Four.Three.FC blog a few days ago: Henry has been signed to a 4 1/2 year contract. If you missed the live stream, then you can Click Here to watch it in its entirety.

Lots of good RBNY stuff coming in at lightning speed via the twitter-verse today. In regards to the ongoing rumor of Seattle's Freddy Ljungberg joining the Red Bulls as the third DP, MLS reporter Kristian Dyer has this for us:
Kdyer1012 - RBNY: Source says that Ljungberg is not the top target for the third DP slot.
He also has this, in regards to Mac Kandji, a rumored trade piece in the Ljungberg deal:
Kdyer1012 - RBNY: Backe said Kandji will become "more of a wide player."
I'm thinking we can assume that Mac Kandji's status as a Red Bulls player is not in jeopardy.

Dave Martinez, of Seeing Red! and The Offside: New York Red Bulls fame, has this for us:
DaveMartinezNY - On a VERY good source ... Two weeks for the next DP
I guess we won't have to wait very long to see who the next piece of the puzzle is. Next, MLS Rumors has this for us:
mlsrumors - Reports out of Europe is that #ThierryHenry is set to make a salary of $8million.If true this would send him to the top of the MLS Rich List
Again, this would be in line with what Three.Four,Three reported a few days ago. Henry is now the highest paid MLS player. Sorry Becks! Next, Ives Galarcep has this for us:
SoccerByIves - As for 3rd DP talk, Marquez continues 2 b popular rumor, but Ljungberg trade scenario seems less likely. Hans Backe wants a playmaker.
Please, Mr. Backe! A playmaker! Make it happen! On another note, Ives also has this for us:
SoccerByIves - Biggest news of the day? Red Bulls boss basically saying bring on a second New York team." NYRB not afraid of the competition, they want it.

SoccerByIves - Don Garber said MLS still talking to Wilpons about NY MLS team. RBNY have no problem with 2nd NY team, they actually sound eager for it.
Edit: More from Dyer on Twitter:
Kdyer1012 - RBNY: Kandji to the wings, 3rd DP to play centrally. Probably not Ljungberg or Marquez from what I'm hearing.

Kdyer1012 - RBNY: Confirmed that RBNY will have to cut one player to make room for Henry.
Alrighty then! Henry will make his debut on Thursday, July 22nd, against Tottenham Hotspurs, in the Barclays New York Challenge. The Viper's Nest crew will be there and so should you. Get your tickets now. Viper Out!
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