Friday, July 9, 2010

Matchday @Red Bull Arena: Red Bulls vs Satan's Minions (DC)

Good afternoon! Another fine day here in the great state of New Jersey (but isn't everyday a great day here in NJ?). After two games on the road, post WC break, (including that great 1-1 draw @Colorado on July 4th, that felt like a victory) the Red Bulls are finally back @The Cathedral of Football, Red Bull Arena (built by Makita) and they're taking on the Forces of Darness. As you might recall, the Red Bulls travelled down to the Lair of The Great Satan (RFK Stadium) earlier this season and recorded a 2-0 win over the hapless DC United. DC are actually on a good run now so it's great to be playing this game @home. And actually, it doesn't really matter how much DC sucks before they play us, as they're always up for this game.

The Red Bulls have everything going for them right now, including a red hot Juan Pablo Angel, so I fully expect them to win today. Actually, I'm looking for them to come out and humiliate DC in this one, but I'll take a 1-0. I must stress that this is a must-win, as losing to the DC Scumbags is NOT an option. I hope all players, and coaches, understand that. The DC scum have already started their trash talk, so let's send them on their way down I-95 with a big, fat loss, shall we. So with all that in mind, let's get to some predictions.

The great Matt Conroy (aka Who Shot Sam) has this for us:
As I mentioned in my post yesterday, this is our first league home game in a month, and we won't have another for several weeks. It is crucial that the Red Bulls pick up points here before they go on the road for some tough fixtures. DC has been better than they were in the early part of the season, thanks in part to some key players returning from injuries and the emergence of Andy Najar, but they are ripe for the taking. Win on Saturday and we set ourselves up nicely for the rest of the summer. Lose and the old doubts start to creep in. I like us to do the business. Juan Pablo Angel has been on fire, and he always seems to play well against DC. So I predict a goal for him and one for Dane Richards (yes, that Dane Richards). Red Bulls win 2-1.
A win predicted by the always optomistic Matt. The alway pessimistic me is going to predict, strangely enough, a 2-0 win. Mr. Backe knows this is a must-win and will not tinker as he's done the past two games. The team will want to put on a good show for the Designated Player that will be announced on July 14th (whoever that will be - wink, wink). I'm also thinking that Juan Pablo will continue his scoring ways and stick in both goals. Alrighty then!

The great Homebrew Tim has this for us:
This week matters for so many reasons. First, it is our only home league match in the middle of a 10-week stretch of breaks and away fixtures. It's our first home match since school has let out for the summer, the World Cup has placed a little more attention on the Beautiful Game, and Red Bull Arena will be buzzing. I'm bringing two friends to this week's match, and was informed by my ticket rep that she could not put four seats together in the 100-level because the lower bowl is all but sold out. Fans are buzzing in anticipation of the formal announcement of Henry. In other words, the place will be rocking!

Second, DC SUCKS. Our most difficult matches still lie ahead of us; the Red Bulls have yet to face either the Los Angeles Galaxy or Real Salt Lake. A home match against an inferior opponent is a must-win situation--defeat will not be tolerated!

Third, DC SUCKS. The team, the fans, the owners, their stadium, their name--hell, I won't even buy a VW because of them! This is our biggest rival. (Take note, Philly fans--we might be your biggest rival, but you're not ours--you suck too much for anyone to rate you as "biggest rival.") It is the first time facing them in our Cathedral of Football. They are lousy this season, and dare I say it--we're pretty good! Losing is simply not an option, victory is essential, and humiliating them is preferred.

I love the reports from training this week that have the Red Bulls playing with confidence and heightened expectations of themselves and each other. We've come out of the break looking much better for having had the rest. While DC is not as bad as they were earlier this season, they're still not good. Red Bull put them away comfortably, 3-1. Angel, Lindpere, and Ream.
Last, but not least, the great You Suck Corrales has this for us:
Well to bad ladbrokes was closed before I could get my bet in before the Colorado match. I could have gotten that one at 20 to 1. Let's see if I can achieve perfection again. This is the first time the boys have been able to hold mass at the cathedral in what seems like forever. For Baltimore it will be a black mass. The boys are going to be insanely pumped up coming off a good two game road trip to restart the season after the break. I would not be shocked if there was a goleada. If Baltimore are looking for the pain of their miserable season to end it will not be here. I hope many Baltimore fans come to witness the destruction. Prediction: NYRB 3 - Baltimore United -0. Goals JPA 2 Stammler.

We'll be back within the next few days with our usual drunken comments on video, so make sure to check back. Off to Bello's now - viper out!
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