Friday, July 16, 2010

RBNY Friday News & Notes

The first pictures are up of TH14 practicing with the team @Montclar University, courtesy of NewYorkRedBulls on Twitter. While Henry joined his new team mates, one player was not at practice. That player was the Staten Island Ronaldinho, John Wolyniec. It was reported yesterday that the team had to make a roster move and it's widely thought that Wolyniec is the player out. In a Twitter post today, The NY Post's Dylan Butler has this to say:
NYPost_Butler - Red Bulls fan favorite John Wolyniec not at training today. It appears he's the odd man out. Expect an announcement that he'll be dropped.
If this is true, it's a sad day for all Red Bulls fans, as Woly has been a great servant to the club. And speaking of Twitter, there's lots more good stuff coming in fast and furious today. Kristian Dyer was a practice today and he has several several choice tweets for us:

Kdyer1012 - RBNY: Source says first choice for 3rd DP is Marquez, back-up option is a European midfielder in the World Cup.

Kdyer1012 - RBNY: Backe said that team is discussing a new training facility near Red Bull Arena.

Kdyer1012 - RBNY: According to a league source, Marquez is still the prioroty for the third DP slot.

Kdyer1012 - RBNY: Double Barca swoop on horizon for Red Bulls?
The great Three.Four.Three.FC has this one for us:
threefourthree - How confident am I that Marquez will sign with the New York red Bulls ?110%
Dave Martinez has this one for us:
Remember that tweet from yesterday about another DP signing in two weeks? Here is the back story
The NY Post's Brian Lewis has this for us:
NYPost_Lewis - Red Bulls 3rd DP is coming sooner rather than later. I'm hearing its NOT Ljungberg; sources still saying Marquez
If I were a betting man, I would put my money on Rafa Marquez joining the Red Bulls soon. That said, SportsYabor reports that Edmilson, a 34 yr old World Cup winner with Brazil (2002), is the player RBNY are after. He's a Defensive Midfielder/Center Back, in case you were wondering.

Alrighty then! In case you missed it, Click Here (youtube) to watch TH14's appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show last night. You can also Click Here to watch it from the Fallon show site.

In other news:

At the Henry press conference, MLS Commissioner Don Garber mentioned that the league is still in discussions with the Wilpons for a second NY MLS team. Well, it seems that NYC might have competition for that 20th MLS team.

Real Salt Lake owner Dave Checketts hints that Ronaldinho is about to sign with the LA Galaxy.
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