Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RBNY Mid-Week Musings

Good afternoon! Lots of great tidbits making the rounds today. First, Le Man (TH14 - pictured above left) will make his debut tomorrow. According to Coach Backe, he'll get about 30-45 minutes in the game. In the same article, Coach Backe also mentions a 20 year old Brazilian midfielder that could see action (either tomorrow or on Sunday) and that El Hombre (JPA - pictured above right) will not play because of a sprained ankle suffered during that disaster of a game this past Saturday.

Getting back to TH14: he's been making the tv show rounds this past week. Nothing, however, could have prepared him for having to sit through the Rosanna Scotto/Greg Kelly dream team on Good Day New York. And I think Rosanna is way smoking hot, but even that cannot save her (and her co-host) from earning a big, fat FAIL from me. I mean, get an intern to look up some Henry facts on wikipedia at the very f'ng least!

On another note, it seems like the MLS DP arms race is really heating up now. Fox Sports Nick Webster even tweeted today that Ronaldinho would be a Galaxy player by the end of the month. As far as the Red Bulls are concerned, there have been a couple of far-fetched names being thrown around, namely Freddy Ljunberg, who's (apparently) gone from Seattle, and Spanish forward Raul.

The most likely candidate to fill that third DP spot for the Red Bulls, however, is Mexican International Rafael Marquez. Soccer America's Paul Gardner says it's a done deal and even has his salary info ($2.8mil per year). On top of that, if you can believe it, Marquez has been photographed in a Red Bulls shirt for the cover of a Mexican sports magazine. Now, if only there were rumors of a #10 Creative Midfielder on the way. Oh well. Viper Out!
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