Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RBNY Mid-Week News & Notes

Good Afternoon! Lots of RBNY tidbits to share with you. First off, the Rafa Marquez to RBNY transfer saga is almost complete. Marquez himself reports today, on his official site, that it's a done deal. The announcement will, reportedly, be made this Friday. One very interesting bit of information that surfaced is that Barcelona will allow Marquez to leave on a free transfer - but only to the Red Bulls. Any other club would have had to pay their price (5 million Euros) for Rafa's services. Another interesting detail is that Marquez has no intention of quitting his international career.

Another rumor making the rounds this week has to do with our team's on & off search for a #10 Creative Midfielder. The Viper's Nest received information, from a reliable source, that RBNY was intersted in acquiring current Rev Shalrie Joseph. The deal would have involved RBNY forward Salou Ibrahim + draft picks. Unfortunately, this rumor has been shot down by Kristian Dyer, as he reports that the Revs don't want to part with Joseph this year. "This year" are the key words, ladies and gentlemen. Even though he's listed as a defensive midfielder, Joseph might be among the top two creative midfielders currently in MLS (Barros-Schellotto being the other). He grew up in Brooklyn, might want to play in front of his friends and family (on a regular basis) and might be willing to jump the sinking ship that is the Revs. Just imagine this: Joseph providing service to Henry, JPA and Mac Kandji (with Rafa Marquez taking over his defensive midfield role).

And speaking of Kandji, Big Mac impressed several key figures this past week. He followed his impressive display against Tottenham with an even better one against Man City. Now comes word, via his agent, that several clubs, including Man City and Spurs, have shown interest in acquiring his services. Another report also has Blackpool and Bolton in the list of interested teams.

Forward John Wolyniec has, reportedly, been offered a coaching position with the Red Bulls. It hasn't been officially announced yet, but it's a given that Woly was the player waived in order to make room on the roster for TH14. Michael Lewis makes a strong case as to why the club should make it a point to honor the Staten Island Ronaldinho.

The Red Bulls have announced that the August 14th game against the Los Angeles Galaxy is a sell-out.

If you haven't seen it yet, the Four Minutes Inside the Tunnel video, from the great MLS Insider, is very cool indeed.

Last, the above picture is courtesy of Red Bulls Official on Facebook. Please check out their impressive gallery from the Tottenham game by clicking here. Check out their equally impressive gallery from the Man City game by clicking here. Viper Out!
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