Friday, August 6, 2010

Attention TVN Readers: Join Our EPL Fantasy Footy Group

The English Premier League 2010/2011 season is fast approaching (starts the weekend of August 14/15). If you follow the competition, as we at TVN do, then I invite you to join our newly created Yahoo Fantasy Football Premier League group. It's fun, it's free and it will get you through your MLS off-season doldrums. Also, there will be prizes to be won for 1st, 2nd an 3rd place. We've already secured a $25 gift certificate from our friends at Premier Soccer Shop and we'll announce others in the near future. Be warned, this stuff is addicting and you'll wind up spending much more time that you should setting up you line-up each week.

Up for it? If you are, go the the Yahoo Fantasy Football Premier League page and set up a team. Once you've done that, join our group. You'll need this information to do that:

Group ID#: 2544
Password: yousuckcorrales

That's it! Good luck to all who join up. Viper Out!
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