Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RBNY Tuesday Kick-Around

Good afternoon! A few things to share with you on this scorcher of a Tuesday here in RBNY land. First, remember that mystery midfielder that Mr. Backe has been talking about these past few weeks? Well, that's him in the pic above, and he's been outed by the Norwegian press as being the RBNY midfield target. It's a Norwegian guy by the name of Jan Gunnar Solli. According to his Wikipedia entry, Solli "usually plays as a right winger, but can also play centre midfielder". Say what???

Forgive me for being a bit skeptical, but I don't believe that this guy is the solution to our pressing need for a true creative midfielder. If he's anywhere the player that Joel Lindpere turned out to be, he'd be a great addition (Lindpere on the left and Solli on the right) but, please Mr. Backe, let's continue in the search for a proper creative mid, and let's not improvise again. Thank you!

Next, apparently the Swedish media reported on Sunday that the Red Bulls were targeting one Anders Svensson, a Swedish International midfielder. In this report, by mlssoccer.com writer Kristian Dyer, Mr. Backe denies any RBNY interest in Svensson. Too bad because Svensson is, according to his wikepedia entry, a playmaker and the current captain of the Swedish National Team.

Finally, a Happy 33rd Birthday to TH14! Henry, apparently, had some cramping during the match on Saturday and had a scan done on his calf as a precaution. Mr. Backe, however, says that he'll definitely play @Toronto on Saturday.
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