Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We've Got John Wolyniec!

Technically, we still do have John Wolyniec. Although recently retired from playing, the legendary MetroBulls forward is still involved with our team via the U13 & U14 Academy teams. The man affectionately known as the "Staten Island Ronaldinho," who delighted us with such unforgettable moments (like this one and this one and this one), will always be remembered, and revered, for giving it his all every time he set foot on the futbol pitch.

A fantastic guy in person, Woly was kind enough to grant me a few minutes, after an U13 training session with Ironbound SC. Please click on the above video for my brief interview, where Woly thanks the ESC & GSS for their support.

That's the little viper there in the middle (with legendary coach Manny Antunes on the right) after an intense training session with Woly. As we were leaving, my son turned to me and said "Wow Dad! I was kicking the ball around with Woly!" Priceless! Thanks for the great memories John!
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