Friday, November 5, 2010

RBNY vs Earthquakes: Beyond Gutted

Our great coach Mr. Backe said it a few months back, this team isn't good enough to win it all. He was right! I just thought that we would, at the very least, get to the Eastern Conference Final. It was not to be, however, as San Jose, a team the Red Bulls dominated @Buck Shaw Stadium this past Saturday, handed the Eastern Conference regular season champs an embarrassing 3-1 defeat @The Cathedral of Football.

Pundits will point to the Red Bulls being done in by San Jose's unique game plan in this one, or they may point to what may be seen as questionable coaching decisions, however... There's a saying in Spanish, and I can't remember the exact wording, but... It's something to the effect of "if you don't stick in the goals, you're going to see the other team stick them in".

I mean, fucking seriously - the Red Bulls should have come back from Santa Clara with a 5 goal aggregate lead, and I'm being consevative with that statement. Even in this game, someone should have stuck in another one. Quakes keeper John Busch made an impossible leg save on a Ballouchy strike, Juan Agudelo hit the post with a point-blank shot and, in the dying minutes, Thierry Henry missed a wide open header that must be seen to be believed. Such is fucking life!

So that's it! Another season under our belt, and the usual end-of-season calls for us to "wait til next year" (well, usual for us MetroBulls fans). One thing is for sure: we'll be back supporting next year! It's time for Red Bulls management to do the right thing, get rid of some dead weight and give us that all-important DP Creative Midfielder that our club has needed since forever. There is a great base in place to build on. With players like Ream, Agudelo, Lindpere, Henry, Marquez, Richards, Mendes, Albright & Bouna, the addition of a few key missing pieces will make RBNY the team to beat next season.

What a great atmosphere! What a great fucking atmosphere! This was the best atmosphere at a MetroBulls playoff game ever! A Thursday game no less, with just under 23,000 in attendance. Long gone are the days of 8,000 at a playoff game @Giants Stadium, with very little in the way of atmosphere. Last night, the whole stadium was as loud as it's been this season, with the supporters sections in top form.

Please see the above video (at the top of this post) for part I of our usual comments & predictions. You can click here for part II, click here for part III and click here for part IV.

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And finally, I would like to pay tribute to our great captain, Juan Pablo Angel, who gave us one last moment of joy before his departure. Our top goal scorer four seasons in a row, the legendary Colombian striker will not have his contract renewed. Forever in our hearts, here's hoping he doesn't wind up with DC United.

Please click here for my photo set from this match or click here for the slide show. Additionally, you can click here for a great Zimbio photo set. And here's another photo set, courtesy of The Daily Harrison.
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