Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Housekeeping

We like to keep things neat and tidy here at The Viper's Nest.  Well, at least we we try.  If you are a regular visitor to the site you may notice a few new wrinkles that we've just added for 2011.  First, in addition to the @thevipersnest Twitter feed, which features the inane ramblings of yours truly, we've added the Twitter feed of the one, the only Big Viper, over there on the right hand side of the homepage, a man you should be following if you do the Twitter thing.  We would also encourage you to follow our man Homebrew Tim at @HomebrewTVN, though he and his lovely wife are expecting little Homebrew to arrive any day now, so he might not have much time for tweeting in the next few weeks.

Why not one single feed for the site, you may ask?  The fact is that while we are all good friends and passionate about RBNY, each of us comes at it from a slightly different angle.  Then there is Viper's predilection for Arsenal and mine for Chelsea, so you can begin to see why all three of us loudmouths need our own Twitter accounts.  When we can convince You Suck Corrales to dip his toe into the waters of Twitter the circle will be complete.

In addition, we have made it easier to search the Viper's Nest archives by month, using an Archive drop down box on the lower right of the toolbar.  If you ever want to relive the cosmic pain we experienced when San Jose knocked us out of the playoffs, feel free to jump in the time machine and travel back to November 2010.  Personally I won't be visiting any time soon.

Hopefully we can add more functionality and new features as the season goes along.
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