Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Ubiparipovic Conundrum

No, I'm not talking about the latest Robert Ludlum novel. I'm talking about the fact that a member of the RBNY squad seems to have disappeared from the club's roster without any explanation whatsoever.  Yes, take a close look - a certain long Bosnian name beginning with "U" is missing.  Sinisa Ubiparipovic, who was drafted by RBNY in 2007 and made a respectable 84 appearances over four seasons in New Jersey, has been cut, traded, sold or his contract may simply not have been renewed. Take your pick. New boy Jan Gunnar Solli has taken Ubi's #8, but we have no idea why, because the club has neglected to inform us. 

MLS wants desperately to be taken seriously as a professional sports league, then we find Mickey Mouse things like this happening.  Time and time again, we hear about player moves, acquisitions, signings, etc. through the rumor mill rather than through the clubs or the league office.  Red Bull in particular is notoriously slow in informing fans.  All we're asking for is a little more openness.  I wasn't expecting Ubiparipovic to be a key member of the 2011 squad or even make the final 30, but it would be nice to know why he's gone - and where.

Oh, and thanks Ubi. You probably single-handedly won us the home game against FC Dallas last season by earning a late penalty.  Best of luck wherever you end up!
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