Friday, April 1, 2011

RBNY News & Notes: DeRo & Other Stuff

Good afternoon. Still chilly here in RBNY Land, with just a bit of snow this morning. Tomorrow's forecast calls for partly cloudy skies, with a high of 54F, but I'm sure it will be closer to 40F by game time. In short, perfect footballing weather! But nevermind all that, let's get to some RBNY news:

My TVN cohort Matt Conroy (aka Who Shot Sam) posted on several news items of the past week, including MSG deal details, concessions reparations, Henry's status for this weekend & the search for the elusive #10. Please click here to read all about that stuff.

Now for a Bombshell: DeRo to RBNY??? That was the big news of the day. According to Ives, both RBNY and Toronto FC had agreed on a deal that would send Canadian Superstar Midfielder Dwayne DeRosario to NY, while Tony Tchani, Danleigh Borman & a 2012 First Round draft pick would go the other way. Unfortunately, and again according to Ives, the deal is currently dead in the water due to the past legal problems of one of the players involved. Is this an April Fools prank or an actual trade in the works? You be the judge. RBNY fans can only dream that a TH14, Juan Agudelo & DeRo offensive triangle actually becomes reality.

Edit: several sources, including Brian Lewis and Steven Goff are now reporting that the DeRo to RBNY deal is done. And here is the official DeRo release from RBNY. WOW!

Sky Sports (thanks to Glenn Williams for the correction) premiered a fantastic TH14 profile, hosted by the insanely hot Georgie Thompson, last week. It's all up on youtube now, so check out the above video for Part I. Part II here, Part III here & Part IV here.

Red Bulls forward phenom Juan Agudelo had another great performance with the US Men's National Team. Agudelo was, in my opinion, the best US player on the pitch in this past Tuesday's game against Paraguay. Agudelo got the start in that one and so did RBNY Defender Tim Ream.

And speaking of Agudelo, there he was the subject of many a story this week. In this one, none other than TH14 tell the media: "hands off Agudelo". Here's yet another "hands off Agudelo" piece. The great Kristian Dyer give us this Agudelo piece where he suggests the young lad might just be the first real US Superstar.

Some very nice RBNY player profile pieces this week. First, you can click here to get to know Teemu Tainio just a little better. Then, Red Bulls rookie defender Tyler Lassiter gets this nice profile from his Alma Mater's (NC State) campus publication. Last, The Viper's Nest newest contributor, Glenn Williams (also of MLS UK fame) gives us a very nice interview with RBNY's Welsh Midfielder Carl Robinson.

Edit: Here's another RBNY player profile. This one is from Sky Sports and it's about midfielder John Rooney (Wayne's younger brother). Thanks again to Glenn Williams.

The guy from the great Studs Up blog went to see the RBNY/Seattle game a couple of weekends back and put up this great piece, where he gives massive props to the supporters. A bunch of greats pics also, so check it out.

And speaking of this year's home opener, the guys from Manzana Pecosa have this great report. It's mostly in Spanish, but they do interview several ESC members in English. Check it out, as it's very nicely done.

Don't have tickets to tomorrow's home game yet? Well, the 2-1 ticket promo is still working. You can click here, the click on the individual tickets link, then type in RBNYSOCCER on the promotional code field, near the bottom

Some other stuff:

This past week, RBNY launched a Ticket Exchange site for members.

You can check out an interesting Forbes interview with MLS Commissioner Don Garber by clicking here.

And that's all for now. Viper Out!

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