Friday, April 8, 2011

RBNY News & Notes: The Puzzle Complete

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A good afternoon to you all. Before the big away match @The Philth, let's examine some RBNY news from the past week:

The top story of the past week has to be, without question, the addition of Canadian superstar Dwayne DeRosario to the RBNY roster. I have no doubt in my mind that DeRo is the final piece of the puzzle that will make RBNY a true contender for and MLS Championship. He still has a bit to go until he's totally in sync with his new teammates, but, if last week's second half was any indication, he's going to be big for us. I would beg Red Bulls management to treat DeRo better (show him the money) than he was @Toronto, as he's been a true MLS gem for 10 years (with lots still left in his tank).

One member of the Red Bulls who is truly excited to have DeRo on board is Thierry Henry, who, this week, wants us to know he's no tourist. I say: There's no better way to back up that statement, than by scoring a goal, or two, against Philly tomorrow.

Red Bulls midfielder Joel Lindpere is warming up to his new left midfield role.

Check out this video from the Red Bulls Adidas store autograph event.

A few more things:

You've read about all concessions/transportation/attendance problems @Red Bull Arena. Well, here's the casual fan's guide to taking in a Red Bulls game making the best of it.

The Red Bulls are partnering with the city of Hoboken for a Special Needs soccer program.

This week, the Red Bulls had a great ticket/scarf or t-shirt deal on Groupon, that sold out in 3 hours. This article, from footiebusiness, analyzes MLS' Groupon marketing foray.

Are you into stats? Well, if you are, then this article is for you.

An excellent Red Bull Arena hype video here.

And something non-RBNY related: a friend of The Viper's Nest, Robert Hak, has formed an adult kickball league up in Westchester County. Yup! You too can be a kid again and play Ultimate Kickball. Eight (8) games and a t-shirt for $65.00. Now that's a deal! You can follow Ultimate Kickball on twitter by clicking here.
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