Monday, April 4, 2011

RBNY vs Dynamo: Stacked!

That's what this Red Bulls team is right now. Stacked! Yes, it was a disappointing 1-1 draw against a lackluster Houston team, but we have so much to look forward to. The addition of Dwayne De Rosario gives us that all important #10 to feed our forwards. That he can also score goals in bunches is an added bonus. The legendary Canadian made an immediate impact upon his debut, as he was on the field for all of 60 seconds when he delivered a throughball of death that lead to Dane Richards' golazo. It's too bad that, thanks to a Bouna Coundoul goalkeeping gaffe, DeRo's debut with our team did not end in victory.

The first half of this game is better left in the distant memory bin. Terry Henry (yes, Terry) missed two of what, for him, should have been sitters. Beside that, Houston might have been up 3-0 if not for a fine Condoul save and some luck. Some horrible play in the middle from one Mehdi Ballouchy left Mr. Backe no choice but to introduce the Canadian midfield wizard at the start of the second half.

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And what a second half it was. As the great You Suck Corrales said towards the end of the game: This is a blitzkrieg! Chance after chance was wasted right in front of the supporter's sections by several Red Bulls players, including DeRo and Henry. Unfortunately, that was it.

It should have been three points, and several goals in the back of the net, to us, but I'll take the draw. One can only hope that the Red Bulls can find their scoring boots soon (I'm looking at you Henry), and there's no reason why not. With the addition of DeRo, a player that has drawn accolades from even our staunchest of critics, our forwards should not be tracking back as much as they were. The Canadian maestro should keep them up, where they're supposed to be, and lots of more chances should be created.

Another great time in the supporters end but, as has been pointed out, the attendance was disappointing. Conspiracy theories or not, I'm all about getting myself to the game and if I can get a few people to the game, who wouldn't have come otherwise, I've done my part. Hopefully the club starts marketing what is, on paper anyway, the greatest team ever assembled in the history of our league.

Please see the video at top for our usual pre-game drunken comments. You can click here for Part II, click here for Part III and click Here for Part IV. Please click here for my photo album of this game or here for the slide show. I hope to see a bunch of you in Philly next week. Viper Out!
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