Monday, April 18, 2011

RBNY vs Earthquakes: The Drought Is Over!

Yes, we were pounded by a nasty storm that flooded roads and caused many a fan to stay home on Saturday, but that's not what I'm referring to in the headline of this post. No, the drought referrence above is regarding one experienced by a certain legendary French striker, who had not found the back of the net for us in 12 games. Mercifully, that drought is now over, as Thierry Henry scored a flying header golazo in the 87th minute of this past Saturday's 3-0 home win against San Jose.

Although he did set up the second of Luke Rodgers' first half strikes, TH14 endured a personal nightmare of a game, as he missed chance after chance after chance after chance. After scoring his goal, Henry exploded in front of the Garden State Supporters, who'd rattled him all game with their 'Au Revoir' chants. The pissed off Frenchman let out a barrage of expletives and, as he walked away, pointed to his name (in back of his jersey), as if to say "I'm Thierry Henry, Bitches!"

I'll say this about the incident: it's great to see he f'ng cares. But nevermind Henry. How about Luke Rodgers? If he's going to play like that all season, he's the MLS find of the decade. This performance alone proved that Mr. Backe's efforts to bring him here were well worth it. Two goals and one assist makes him our Red Bull Hero of The Week. As a matter of fact, he's just been named MLS Player of The Week.

Besides his goal scoring heroics (his first coming just 1 & 1/2 minutes in), Rodgers provided several sublime through balls that Thierry Henry should have stuck in. Which leads me to the question: Where was Dwayne DeRosario? I know DeRo played the whole game, but I can't recall anything he did that was of note. Not a bad game to be invisible, as the slack was picked up by others, but DeRo has to get in there and make an impact. That's what he's here for. Get stuck in, son!

Please see the above video for first half & halftime comments. Please click here for second half & full-time comments. I even managed to get Henry's goal in the second video, so do check it out. You can click here for my photo album or click here for the slide show.

Photo Credit: Dan Dickinson

After the game, Thierry Henry applauded the Supporters, walked to the GSS section and handed The Prez his jersey. He said all the right things about the incident to the press. Hopefully, with the monkey off his back, a fired up Henry will continue his goalscoring exploits @DC United, this coming Thursday.

I had a great time, yet again, with my friends who braved the monsoon-like conditions @The Cathedral of Football. Despite the weather, this game was one of the best I've seen at RBA since it opened last year. Hope to see more of you at the April 30th game, against Sporting KC.

Finally, big kudos to DJ Jan Gunnar Solli for the Toro Loco Victory Dance at the end of the match. Hopefully, it's the first of many yet to come. That's all for now. Viper Out!
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