Saturday, June 4, 2011

RBNY News & Notes: Getting Stuck In

Photo Credit: Tak Hung Yeung via Wikimedia Commons

Good Morning! It's a more than glorious one here in Red Bulls Land. Our team is back in action today @The Cathedral of Football and it should be perfect all day (even more so, if we win). Before tonight's game, however, let's get to some RBNY related news from this week.

During last weekend's away draw @Vancouver, the moment finally arrived for Red Bulls midfielder Austin Da Luz to finally get stuck in and make his MLS debut. Picked in the first round of the 2010 draft, Da Luz sat out the whole of last season due to injury. Finally injury free, he will be counted on by Coach Backe to help get results while several key starters are out due to International duty.

Another Red Bulls player who made his MLS debut @Vancouver is Matt Kassel. In this article, Matt talks about his his journey from a MetroStars ballboy, who would warm-up Tim Howard by peppering him with shots, to an MLS pro with RBNY.

According to this game summary of last weekend's game, Daily Harrison's Mike Vallo gives us the ingredients to the Red Bull's "perfect recipe for mediocrity":
"Fall behind early, add a healthy dose of ball watching on set pieces, stir in some absences due to international duty, fold in a few injuries, and finally add a pinch of terrible officiating".
That's just classic! Can't do anything about the terrible officiating, but something certainly can be done about falling behind early and ball watching on set pieces.

Red Bulls Gaffer Hans Backe has been selected to lead the MLS All-Stars against Manchester United, in next month's All-Star game being played @The Cathedral of Football. The Swedish coaching genious does have a history of success against the Red Devils. Tickets to the ASG have just gone on sale to the general public.

Thierry Henry may be tops of the Castrol Index player rankings for the month of may, but, in my opinion, it's been Luke Rodgers who's been standing tall for RBNY.

Here's a great article regarding the RBNY South Ward Supporters, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

As you may (or many not) know, several RBNY players, and Head Coach Hans Backe, call the town of Hoboken home. Check out this great article, with their impressions of the town, on the Hudson, that Sinatra once called home.

Finally, Red Bull is, reportedly, planning to expand their football empire into Belgium.

That's all for now. Viper Out!
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