Monday, June 6, 2011

RBNY vs Crew: A Kick In The Nuts

What is there to say about this friggin game. My colleague, Matt Conroy (aka Who Shot Sam), covered this debacle thoroughly yesterday, so check that out if you haven't done so already. I will say that I'm in total agreement with those who said this one felt like a loss. Just totally f'ng inexcusable that two Columbus rookies (Meram & Balchan) managed to combine for the equalizing goal, seconds from this game's end.

Why Mr. Backe refuses to use subs late in the game, just even to waste time, is a mystery know only to him and the Nordic Gods. More than likely, it's because he doesn't rate any of the players he currently has as substitutes. He's talked up guys like John Rooney and Tyler Lassiter, but its mostly that - all talk. It's become painfully apparent just how deep this team is NOT (in the Gaffer's mind, anyway). We can only wonder how different this one could have turned out if Mr. Backe had just taken out Mehdi Ballouchy (who'd pulled up lame at one point, and whose gaffe started the tying goal sequence) in the 90th minute, just so the backline could regroup and kill any momentum Columbus might have had.

Photo Credit: Dan Dickinson

Alrighty then! We have one more home game this coming Friday (against New England) before our team goes off on a massive four game road trip. This makeshift backline better get its act together, and quick. I'm sure the Timbers, Sounders, Fire & Earthquakes are already drooling at the thought of going at Kassel, Miller, Keel & Mendes.

Please click on the above video for drunken pre-game and first half commentary. You can click here for half-time and full-time commentary. Please click here for my photo album, which includes the latest video board fail, or click here for the slide show.

Photo Credit: Dan Dickinson

An epic march into the Cathedral of Football, then a full ninety of non-stop support with the South Ward. We'll do it again this coming Friday. The great You Suck Corrales and myself are certainly up for it, so I hope to see you all there. Viper Out!
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