Friday, July 15, 2011

Blackball the Kemsmos

Ah Yes, the Good Old Days of Terror and Looting!
In what must be the most shameless piece of sport-fashion marketing, the Kemsley-Anomaly-Umbro partnership brings us their latest in the Cosmos collection, a celebration of the … of the … yes, it’s true, of the ’77 blackout. The blood-spattered Son of Sam sweatshirt will surely soon be available at your local soccer shop, closely followed by the Studio 54 line with wide lapels and a complimentary pouch of cocaine. They’ve successfully seduced the Borough Boys into thinking they’re more than just a clothing line and that they’ll someday better represent the Big Apple than the current New York MLS franchise. 
It’s painful as someone who grew up loving the Cosmos to see what’s become of the brand.  I can’t say what’s become of the club, as Chinaglia and Pinton killed that off back in ’85.  That Kemsley, the broken Tottnumb Scum, was willing to pay Pinton’s ransom meant that yet another egomaniac could keep the brand from being returned to what remained of its old fanbase.  But they’ve sold shirts and have their sticker-happy cheerleaders, confident the City wants yet another stadium built within the five boroughs.
But What About the Cosmos?
Any New Yorker who remembers the blackout must share my disgust with this grotesque celebration of one of our darkest of times. The racist image of an afro-headed predator reminds one of those so eager to exploit the circumstances ready to smash a window. He’s certainly not simply hoping to get into a late-night pickup kickaround on the West Side. This is an insult to all who remember both the blackout and the glory days of the Cosmos.
The questions remain, now more than ever, as to whether or not this group would ever be willing to comply with the single-entity structure of MLS and whether or not MLS would care to welcome such a pledge into their fraternity. The tasteless new attire surely merits a blackball.

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