Monday, September 19, 2011

Making Light of the RBNY Season Ticket Debacle

If You Liked the Henry Shirt, You're Gonna Love 2012 Season Ticket Prices!
There has been plenty written and said about the 2012 Red Bulls season ticket debacle, with prices in some midfield sections doubling or tripling. This for a team that has been downright putrid on the pitch.

Our Twitter friend Boca107 is among the new pricing scheme victims (I shudder the think what it would cost if I still sat there as I did in 2010).  Today he presented us with his very own Letterman-style list of the Top Ten Ways to Avoid Chris Heck's Obscene Season Ticket Price Hikes. Boca's given us the OK to share them with you here in slightly altered form (you can see them complete with clever hashtags on Twitter). So with no further ado...

10. Buy 1 seat, share with 3 other people. Sit when tired. Sitting on lap of another person already in seat optional, not required.

9. Wait for a Groupon. $20.00 Midfield seats will be available. Often. 

8. Carpool with Thierry Henry. There's 3 extra seats in the $125,000.00 Porsche Sedan or Mercedes he drives.

7. Tell RBNY security Shep Messing is your dad.

6. Roll yourself up in the ESC, GSS and Viking Army banners. Unfurl in South Ward.

5. Duct tape yourself to another person.

4. Become a member of the Red Bull Skydive Team.

3. Start a blog. Get a media pass. [We plead innocence here.]

2. Shave a child's head and claim you're with the Make a Wish Foundation.

...and the number one way to avoid Chris Heck's obscene season ticket prices increases...

1. Invisibility cloak. Harry Potter has no use for his anymore. 
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