Friday, September 23, 2011

RBNY vs RSL: We Suck A**hole!

What else can be said about this debacle. It was yet another must win situation that our team managed to not win. Goalkeeper Frank Rost was probably wishing he was back in Germany (enjoying his retirement), after getting shelled for 3 goals in the 21 opening minutes. Another set piece our team couldn't defend, another classic Tim Ream gaffe and another forward waltzing right through our defenders. A second half Joel Lindpere golazo gave us just a bit of respectability - but not much.

This is one of those games better left to distant memory. In fact, with another must-win home game coming up tomorrow, it would have been quickly forgotten but for some unfortunate remarks made by a certain RBNY Mexican International Designated Player, with a massive salary.

The obvious fact that the Red Bulls are in total disarray was driven home by the now infamous comments made by one Rafa Marquez (to Dave "The Emperor" Martinez) after this game (video here). That these comments made him look like the overpaid, lackadaisical, elitist he clearly is, I'm sure is of no concern to Mr. Marquez. That he's been suspended for the next match for his comments is, I'm sure, of no concern to him either, as he'll have that much more time to spend at his luxury Manhattan pad (with his model wife.).

Also of no concern to him, I'm sure, is the fact that (when he wasn't on Mexican NT duty) he's sucked it up for many an RBNY game this year, as defenders have gone through him like he wasn't even there. Really, his ball-watching skills are second to none and the two years left of his contract are looking like a massive albatross hung around our team's neck.

Photo credit: Dan Dickinson

Alrighty then! When is the deadline for Season Ticket renewals again?

Please click on the above video for pre-game and first half comments. Please click here for half-time and full-time comments. Please click here for my photo album or click here for the slide show. You can also click here for a photo album courtesy of our own Dan Dickinson (slide show here).

That's all for now. Yes, our team might be toast, but I still hope to see you all tomorrow @The Cathedral of Football, Red Bull Arena (built by Makita). Viper Out!
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