Thursday, October 6, 2011

RBNY vs Galaxy: We're Still Alive!

Not only are the Red Bulls still alive, after powering their way to a 2-0 victory against the League leading Los Angeles Galaxy, but if they win their final two games (and depending on other results) a top of the East finish is not beyond the realm of possibility. Even if that doesn't happen, two more wins and RBNY winds up with 49 points, which is just two less than last season.

A poacher's goal from Luke, Luke, Luke Rodgers and a golazo from Thierry Henry took care of the Donovan/Keane-less Galaxy. As a matter of fact, with just a bit more luck, Rodgers and Henry could have doubled their respective tallies and the Galacticos would have flown home thoroughly embarrassed.

This victory would have been inconcievable just about a month and a week ago. Thanks to an Act of God and a combination fortuitous injury/International call-up (plus a healthy Luke Rodgers), the Red Bulls are in the position to rise from the ashes and take us to the promised land. With the talent that they have, and if they keep playing smart & balanced soccer, anything is possible.

Photo credit: Dan Dickinson

A bit of redemption for Rafa Marquez, who's been "persona non grata" lately @The Cathedral of Football. Rafa put a magic ball over the top of the LA defense, which TH14 put away, and showed the fight that's been missing, from his club game, most of this season. After his assist, Rafa kissed the RBNY logo and was cheered loudly by the South Ward. The legendary Mexican International was cheered again as he made way for Dax McCarty (in the 82nd minute). Hopefully he's learned that lack of effort is not tolerated around these parts - no matter who you are.

Please click on the above video for drunken pre-game and half-time commentary. Please click here for full-time commentary. Please click here for my photo album or click here for the slide show. You can also click here for a photo album from our own Dan Dickinson (slide show here). Please click here for a slide show from the official RBNY site.

Photo credit: Dan Dickinson

Another fantastic atmosphere generated by the Supporter's Sections. As Mr. Backe stated in the post-game comments, it's been "lively all year". With support like this, our Giants Stadium tenure seems like a lifetime ago. Check out the latest RBNY Matchday 360 for some great behind-the-scenes footage and click here to check out an interview with the latest celebrity to visit The Cathedral. Speaking of celebrities (and since this was problably his last game around these parts): Thank you David Beckham for playing in Major League Soccer! And I hope you enjoyed our humor!

That's all for now. I hope to see you all for our beyond-massive final home fixture, against the Philth, on October 20th. Viper Out!
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