Saturday, October 22, 2011

RBNY vs Union: Can We Play You Every Week?

Yes, like Flynn - we're in! It was a must-draw game that our Red Bulls managed to - wait for it - WIN 1-0! Yeah, I can't believe it myself, because years of of supporting this team (and its previous incarnation) has led me to always expect the worst. But, then again, we were up against the Philadelphia Union - a team that has had nothing the five times RBNY has played them (in two seasons of Philth existence).

Even in their two victories against us, at PPL Park, the Union had so many of their players behind the ball that a neutral might have left thinking it was the Philthy ones who were playing away. If it wasn't for a blockhead mistake (by Tim Ream) in this year's PPL tilt, the Union would not have taken all three points on offer. It's really too bad we couldn't play Nicky Sack's minions every week this season, else we could have run away with the Conference title (and maybe even the Supporters Shield).

Photo credit: Dan Dickinson

But whatever! An early-in-the-game moment of Dane Richards brilliance (with a little luck thrown in for good measure), saw RBNY take the lead for good. The Red Bulls should have had several more in the first half, but Philthy's Man-Dragon kept them in the game by making several key saves, time and time again. In the second half, Luke Rodgers missed a chance that looked easier to convert than miss and Tim Ream had a wide open header he really should buried in the back of the net. It didnt' matter, as it was three points to the good when all was said and done.

Up next is an away wild-card game, probably at FC Dallas, next Wednesday (or is it Thursday?). Let me, at this time, apologize to MLS Commissioner Don Garber for all the names I called him when he announced the expansion of the playoffs to 10 teams. You're a man ahead of your time Mr. Garber! Not that I have any expectations of getting by the wild-card round. I'm just happy that our team was saved the embarrassment of not making the playoffs!

Please see the above video for the usual drunken comments and predictions. Please click here for my photo album or click here for the slide show. You can also click here for an album from our own Dan Dickinson (slide show here).

Kudos to the Union supporters for showing up to The Cathedral of Football in large numbers. The hardcore lot they are, the SOB's made a lot of noise in the first half, then proceeded to sit on their hands in the second. Sing when you're winning, you only sing when you're winning... Hope you guys (and Bimbos) had a nice ride back and please do come again! I'll be pulling for Columbus and Houston today. One thing I would like to ask, however: What does Billy Dee Williams have to do with winning (or not) MLS Cup?

Ok, that's it for me (maybe even for the season). The big viper is outta here bitches!
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