Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Red Bulls Waive Six Players

Today's Expansion Draft and Waiver Draft kicked off the MLS offseason in earnest. The New York Red Bulls waived six seldom seen players today: Alex Horwath (1 G, 90 Min), Mike Jones (1G, 1 Min), Tyler Lassiter, Marcos Paullo, John Rooney (5 G, 48 Min), and Teddy Schneider. Collectively, this frees up two international slots, five off-budget slots, and $289,000 in salary. Most significant is the long-overdue move to rid our payroll of Marcos Paullo, who made $82,000 and consumed a valuable international slot. What was this guy doing here in the first place? Although most of this salary was from the off-budget roster and does not create cap room, these moves begin to clear the space for the (Super)draft and any other moves the braintrust has up their sleeves.
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