Friday, May 25, 2012

RBNY vs Chivas USA: A Sort of Homecoming

My apologies as real-life got in the way of my post on the RBNY vs Chivas USA game from this past Wednesday. What's there to say except that RBNY had a chance at making history (6 wins in a row) but fell just short. Second half goals from Chivas USA forward Juan Pablo Angel, making his triumphant return to RBA, and Kenny F'ng Cooper saw a "share of the spoils", if you will. Still, a point gained sees us still top of the East (26 points, from 13 games played) and we're just a point back of the League leading San Jose Earthquakes in the race for the Supporter's Shield. So there you go! Not a memorable one, for what happened on the field, but it certainly was for what transpired in the stands and in the locker room.

A big controversy developed after the game when both Thierry Henry and Rafa Marquez refused to meet with members of the press, as is standard practice in any League in the world. Our high-priced Designated Players have now been accused of playing by their own rules and it has been suggested that both should be held accountable by the League for not making themselves available to the press. Could both have been sulking over the Hero's welcome received by the legendary Juan Pablo Angel? Was the South Ward celebration a fitting tribute to a legendary former RBNY player or was it a bit over the top? After all, Angel was now "on the other side" and a point was made by someone I know that he probably doesn't get that amount of support from Chivas USA fans. Maybe such things are enough to make Superstars, with fragile egos, pissed?

So does it really matter? Should we care what our Superstars have to say after a match? Juan Pablo certainly had no qualms about talking to the press after this one but should we care if we didn't get any comments from either TH14 or Rafa? The great Dave Martinez, of Empire of Soccer, Soccer By Ives & Seeing Red fame, had this to say on the subject (via the Vipers Nest facebook group):
"Every game has a story to tell, and reporters are the eyes and ears that bring it to you every week. Sometimes you get duds. Other times, you find gold. Overall, in the world of MLS, it is so difficult to get media coverage. Frankly, that is a MAJOR reason why I began my endeavors with TheOffside, and now Empire of Soccer and Soccer By Ives. I want to deliver to the fans the same grade of analysis and depth that mainstream outlets either neglect or straight refuse to give. Guys like Jack Bell and Michael Lewis have been fighting these battles for years, trying to bring the very best content to their readers, gathering quotes long into the night, trying to deliver the very best information they possibly can to a niche and growing audience. As has been repeated many times today, reporters are the eyes and ears of the fans. Analysis of a game is great. Breaking down tactics is an interesting read. But only reporting and speaking to these players brings to you, the audience, the personalities behind the game."

I must say, I couldn't agree more with Mr. Martinez on this one.

Please see the top video for our usual drunken comments and predictions. Please click here for my photo album of this one (slideshow here). You can click here for the Official site photos.

That's all for now! We have a glorious US Open Cup victory (we can only hope), against the Charleston Battery, on the schedule for next Tuesday. Hope to see you all soon @The Cathedral of Football, Red Bull Arena (built by Makita). Viper Out!

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