Friday, May 4, 2012


RBNY's Starting XI Has More Subs Than This Fleet
SUB WATCH was in dry dock last week to take care of repairs following the radical transformation of the New York Red Bulls line up. After your humble captain saw LADE, RUTHVEN and BARKLAGE in the starting XI, he passed out and SUB WATCH ran aground. Amazingly, when I came to, I found that not only did the perennial subs not embarrass themselves, they actually won the game and, arguably, performed better than the veteran squad. Update: Remember, the information herein is for informational purposes only. Wager at your own risk.

Thankfully, SUB WATCH is once again ship-shape, though the same cannot be said of the Red Bulls. Conde, Rafa, Teemu, Keel and Miller are still out. One positive (?) change is that DJ Solli is back and ready for action.

For a minute, let’s skip back to two weeks ago in DC. The worst performance of the year from the team also saw some surprising sub action. Not only did Tyler Ruthven come on for Keel at half, Jhonny Arteaga replaced Dane Richards at 81’. When you’re down 3-0 at the half in a pouring rain inside the worst stadium in the league, it’s a little easier to throw out some subs.

The DC game subs proved critical as the following week back home against a toothless New England squad, Ruthven played an important role in RBNY’s makeshift defense, and Jhonny Arteaga provided an infusion of attacking energy late in the match, coming on for the Mop-Headed Master of Disaster, Mehdi Ballouchy at 85’. Even if Agudelo gets healthy soon, SUB WATCH would not be surprised to see Arteaga continue to get minutes as a sub for Dane Richards playing striker. ARTEAGA: BUY

One not so bright spot was Victor Palsson, whose tenure with the squad seems to be at greater risk with each appearance. While no one expected him to fill the boots of the injured Henry he replaced, Palsson was responsible for some absolutely horrendous crosses. Once injuries heal, SUB WATCH thinks Palsson could tumble down the depth chart. PALSSON: SELL

As noted above, Jan Gunnar Solli is 100% for Saturday’s clash with the hated Galaxy. However, after last week’s stalwart performance by the back line, it remains to be seen whether he’ll start. SOLLI: HOLD

One non-sub word: it would be a horrible thing if a mis-timed tackle from Markus Holgersson tore the ACLs on both of Mike Magee’s knees... and also took off his arm at the elbow.

We’re heading into choppy seas, so I’d better get back to the helm. Until next time, this is SUB WATCH saying: run silent, run deep!
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