Monday, May 14, 2012

Union vs RBNY: King Kenny!

The Red Bulls are Top of The East, after a wild and very fortunate 3-2 away victory @Philadelphia. Let me take a moment, if I may, and give massive, but massive Thanks, on behalf of all Red Bulls fans, to the Brain Trust over @Portland for handing Kenny F'ng Cooper over to us. Some called this trade "Robbery" on the part of Portland, but I can bet you'll not find a Red Bulls fan who'd say we got shafted.

King Kenny got the game winner but we'll have to thank 1) The Referee for sending Freddy Adu off (for a most obvious dive), 2) Joel Lindpere for, once again, looking like the Joel Lindpere of old, 3) Markus Holgersson, for getting the goal he gifted The Union back (with a corner kick golazo), 4) Ryan "The Wall" Meara, 5) The Keystone Cops-like Philly offense for not taking full advantage of our Keystone Cops-like defense. That's right Philly fans - your team stinks! But that's just stating the obvious.

We've heard it before about how Championships are won with defense. If this old adage still holds true, then we ain't winning anything this year. How long can the Red Bulls continue to ride their luck and Ryan Meara? The return of Rafa Marquez saw him play an integral part in the game winning goal, providing Kenny Cooper with a terrific assist (from the backline). That said, Marquez proved to be a defensive liability, yet again, leaving our backline exposed to offensive pressure that Dax McCarty (playing in Rafa's position through his suspension) had largely been able to neutralize. Can anyone say Marquez Conundrum?
That's four wins in a row with several key players missing (Henry, cough, cough...). Who could have foreseen that? Hans Backe has to be given much credit for putting together a deeper team than we saw last season. That said, the Red Bulls better get their defensive liabilities sorted, and quickly, or this team cannot possibly hope to ride Lady Luck or Ryan Meara all the way to MLS Cup. Wilman Conde, who showed the promise of being our Center Back savior, better get his act together quickly, physically and legally (is he, actually, the first RBNY player to be arrested?), or he'll wind up being a bigger bust than Claudio Reyna (well, maybe not THAT big). It does look like some defensive help is on the way, but will it be a case of said help being just a bit past due (age wise)? I, for one, certainly hope not.

Photo credit: goddam
A tremendous showing by the Viking Horde who took over PPL Park, impressed the Bimbo girls and gave the DOOP boys a lesson in Support. Yes, you we heard you loud and proud on the broadcast. Figures the first Philthy trip I miss would be Epic. Check out some more pictures here and here.

Montreal away is next. Let's get something out of that one as well, boys! C'mon Red Bulls!
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